Michael Strahan teases something ‘coming soon’ for him after GMA absences

michael strahan on good morning america
Michael Strahan said he has “something big” coming up. Pic credit: Hulu

Michael Strahan already juggles many jobs, and it appears he is adding something else to his full plate.

His current gigs include being a co-host on Good Morning America, Fox NFL Sunday analyst, and ABC’s Pyramid game show host.

He also stopped by Dancing With the Stars as a DWTS guest judge, which was a fun appearance, receiving mixed reviews from viewers.

In addition, Strahan recently appeared on QVC with his daughter to promote his clothing line with the NFL.

However, the Pro Football Hall of Famer recently teased a new gig he has on the way after missing several GMA episodes over the past several weeks.

While Strahan didn’t give full details about his gig, he may have provided some hints about his latest venture.

Michael Strahan teases new project

According to one publication, Strahan recently shared an Instagram Story video hinting at his upcoming gig.

The former New York Giants star wore a light gray hoodie and dark grey shorts while seated in a chair. Strahan had a book in one hand and possibly a script in his other hand.

“A quick VO for a SMAC Production,” Strahan wrote on his IG Story, also tagging SMAC Entertainment, per The Sun.

Monsters and Critics reported about Strahan’s SMAC Entertainment as he revealed a preview for their football documentary, BS High. The documentary, which clocks in at 1 hour and 37 minutes, is available for viewing on HBO’s Max.

SMAC stands for Sports, Music, and Culture. SMAC Entertainment is a talent management, music, branding, and production company that Strahan runs with his business partner Constance Schwartz-Morini.

Strahan hasn’t elaborated on what his next gig involves, but it could be another documentary or even something based on his life story.

Strahan said he’s ‘manifesting the next phase’

In an Instagram post earlier this month, Strahan was riding in a car and said he was “manifesting the next phase.”

“I’ve got big ideas. I’m ideating in my brain,” he revealed while holding a journal in his hands.

“I always think about stuff, and then once I think about it and can see myself doing it, then it usually happens,” Strahan said, adding, “So that’s where I’m at. I’m in the visualization phase.”

He revealed he was getting closer to doing “the next thing” and that it wasn’t “far off.” Strahan teased, “It’s gonna be big too,” but didn’t reveal what that was.

“I’m manifesting a lot of BIG things. Don’t think small!!” his IG caption said, which also included tags for @smacentertainmend the @michaelstrahanbrand.

As mentioned, the popular TV personalist missed several GMA episodes, including one where Strahan, Robin Roberts, and George Stephanopolous were all absent from the show.

In addition, Strahan wasn’t in the studio for several episodes due to being on the West Coast for his brief stint as a DWTS guest judge. He’s regularly missed Monday episodes of GMA due to working on FOX as an NFL analyst on Sundays during the NFL season.

Strahan is the cover star of Alexa magazine

While it’s unknown if Strahan dropped any more details about his new project, he’s featured on the cover and inside of the New York Post’s Alexa Magazine for October 18, 2023.

The magazine cover features Strahan seated and looking dapper in a stylish grey sweater and trousers. Strahan also showed a timepiece with his recognizable smile.

It’s labeled as “The Watch Issue,” with the magazine’s cover also providing more details about Strahan’s career in the issue.

According to the IG post’s caption, Strahan “discusses staying five minutes ahead, whether it’s football or fashion, on-screen or off.”

The IG carousel post featuring Strahan’s cover and several other photos was shared by SMAC Entertainment.

While he said the other project will be something big, there are no signs of Strahan leaving his other gigs. He recently joked with his GMA co-host, George Stephanopoulos, that he wasn’t leaving the ABC program anytime soon.

Also, fans should expect to see him showing up for his other jobs at ABC and FOX in the coming weeks as Pyramid and NFL seasons continue.

Good Morning America airs weekdays at 7/6c on ABC.

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