GMA’s Robin Roberts warns co-host Michael Strahan ‘Don’t start nothin” in cryptic exchange

robin roberts and michael strahan on Good morning america
GMA viewers may have been amused or confused by Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan’s squabble about a singer. Pic credit: Hulu

Good Morning America co-hosts Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan have become good friends and are known for having fun exchanges during their show.

The two GMA stars were back for Wednesday’s show after missing last week along with George Stephanopolous.

However, one of their back-and-forth squabbles may have appeared awkward to viewers who couldn’t determine what Roberts and Strahan were discussing.

It related to the show’s musical host, and apparently, there might have been some juicy information they had on one of GMA’s stars.

Based on the Roberts and Strahan exchange, it seemed Strahan prevented her from spilling some embarrassing details about him.

In one moment, Roberts told Strahan, “Don’t start nothin’,” suggesting she didn’t want him to test her.

Roberts warned Strahan during GMA exchange

During Wednesday’s middle segment of GMA, Tell It to My Heart by Taylor Dayne played as they returned from a commercial break. That got Robin Roberts singing part of the song at the desk.

After that, Michael Strahan shared that Cash Cash and Taylor Dayne would perform on the show. The Pro Football Hall of Famer expressed that Dayne was one of his “favorite people on the planet.”

He joked that Roberts might join them for their performance, prompting her to fire back.

screenshot of october 18 good morning america show
A brief squabble appeared to be all in good fun between GMA co-hosts Strahan and Roberts. Pic credit: Hulu

“No, no, no, ’cause she could tell a story about you,” Roberts said to Strahan after he’d finished speaking.

“Why don’t we keep movin’ onto the news,” Strahan said before Roberts jumped back in and told him, “Don’t you come this way.”

“Don’t you start with me,” Strahan said before Roberts told him, “Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’!”

Both chuckled after their exchange before the show moved on with other news stories.

Taylor Dayne performed her hit song with Cash Cash

Neither Strahan nor Roberts elaborated on what else there was to say involving Taylor Dayne, but it seemed Strahan was trying to prevent his co-host from dishing some gossip.

Meanwhile, Stephanolopous watched their exchange from nearby and it seemed like he didn’t know what they were referring to.

Later in GMA, Dayne performed her 1987 song, Tell It to My Heart, but a new version with Cash Cash.

GMA’s Laura Spencer introduced Dayne and Cash Cash ahead of the performance, with Spencer revealing they created a new take on Dayne’s smash hit of the 1980s.

After the performance, GMA’s co-hosts applauded and cheered before the show closed. Roberts reminded viewers to watch the WNBA Finals, and everyone cheered again for the musical performance.

It’s still unclear what connection there might be involving the pop music star and former New York Giants player.

Based on the exchange between Roberts and Strahan, it was all good fun between them, but apparently, Dayne has an interesting and perhaps embarrassing story about the football star!

Good Morning America airs weekday mornings at 7/6c on ABC.

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