Former friend of Meghan Markle says Duchess ‘ghosted’ her and called Prince Harry ‘very weak’

Lizzie Cundy on the red carpet and Harry and Meghan at a royal event
Lizzie Cundy said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had ghosted her and that Prince Harry is weak. Pic credit: ©

A former friend of Meghan Markle has slammed both the Duchess and Prince Harry, accusing her of ignoring her and calling Harry weak and unattractive.

British model and TV personality Lizzie Cundy first struck up a friendship with the Suits actor at a charity event in 2013, but she now claims that the American ghosted her after she began dating Harry in 2016 and that she wasn’t even invited to the wedding.

Cundy told The Sun that she was suddenly ghosted just like TV presenter Piers Morgan but stressed that she wasn’t just bitter: “Me and Piers were both ghosted by Meghan. We are always getting told that we’re the bitter friends who never got the call back. No, not at all.”

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She said she was pleased when the royal couple first got together, and she also compared them to Prince William and Duchess Kate: “There was no one more happy than me when they got together. The papers loved them, that’s why I love Wills and Kate – there’s no whinging and moaning.”

Prince Harry ‘has let the family down’ claims Cundy

And the former TV presenter didn’t hold her fire when it came to Harry. Referencing the recent news that the Duke hasn’t spoken to his father, Prince Charles, in weeks, she said, “I’m not surprised Prince Charles is disappointed,” and claimed that Harry had let his family down. She also accused the younger prince of being weak.

She admonished the Duke further: “He’s let the family down. Saying there was this alleged racist within the Royal Family was just shocking. Prince Harry’s been very weak and it’s not attractive.”

Last March, Prince William publicly stated that the Royal family was “very much not racist” after accusations emerged during that Oprah Winfrey interview that a member of the family had asked about the skin color of Archie before Meghan gave birth.

Cundy also said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were entitled to be private if they wished, but that they should therefore stop doing TV interviews. “You can’t be a hypocrite and have your cake and eat it,” she stressed.

There are fears the Royal rift is expanding

It’s feared that the rift between the Sussexes’ and the rest of the family may be growing. William and Kate are expected to visit the United States next year, but it’s already assumed that they will not be hanging out with Harry and Meghan.

And in a further blow to royal relations, some experts have predicted that the relationship between Prince William and Charles will deteriorate when the latter becomes King as the pair readjusts to their new duties.

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1 year ago

I would say Cundy looks like a man dressed as a woman, good Lord, women have hips.

1 year ago

Ok, and she’s only just NOW remembering that she got “ghosted”? Years later??? Please.
Also, they can ask for privacy AND do an interview. They don’t your permission for anything lady.
Geez she sounds delusional.