Drew Carey says he wants to get The Drew Carey Show ‘back out there’ for viewers to discover

drew carey face shot from the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards Press Room
Drew Carey expressed interest in getting his former sitcom available to more viewers. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Drew Carey believes his former sitcom could become big with new generations of viewers, similar to hit shows like Friends and The Office.

While he currently hosts The Price Is Right on CBS, he previously starred in a sitcom featuring his name.

The Drew Carey Show ran on ABC for nine seasons, beginning in 1995 and ending in 2004.

It was ranked No. 20 among shows in three of its first four seasons, showing early popularity with network TV viewers.

The show isn’t currently “in syndication” for viewers to consume, although it is available for a price.

However, Drew recently expressed interest in getting his show “back out there” for more people to enjoy.

Drew wants his sitcom ‘back out there’

Many comedians have appeared in sitcoms bearing their names. However, not all of them last that long. Still, The Drew Carey show ran for nine seasons.

Drew recently shared that his former sitcom isn’t currently in syndication due to “music rights and stuff.”

Episodes are available on streaming services, including Amazon Prime and Apple TV+, but there is a charge. As of this report, no streaming platforms offer the sitcom free to subscribers.

“We’re going to try to change that around and get it back out there,” Drew told TV Insider regarding his sitcom.

He referred to the show’s episodes and subjects as “pretty funny” and “timeless.”

Drew also called it “bananas,” mentioning that he and the producers were fans of Mad Magazine and its humor, which helped with the show.

Drew portrayed a fictionalized version of himself in the sitcom.

In addition to the main star, the show included cast members Diedrich Bader, Christa Miller, Ryan Stiles, Kathy Kinney, and Craig Ferguson.

Drew believes another show is his ‘legacy show’

While Drew recently addressed his plans for hosting The Price Is Right, he doesn’t believe his role as host will define his TV legacy.

Instead, he referred to another show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? which featured Drew alongside Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and others for the improv comedy sketch show.

“I always told Ryan that Whose Line was going to be our legacy show. That was the funniest show on TV ever. We have iconic moments like Richard Simmons on the show,” he shared with TV Insider.

Drew also mentioned how he and Wayne always laugh over how they “can’t believe” they both host CBS game shows. While Drew hosts The Price Is Right, his former co-star Wayne hosts Let’s Make a Deal in the same studio.

Their friend and castmate, Ryan, is on the Whose Live Anyway? Tour with Greg Proops, Joel Murray, and Jeff B. Davis. The official tour website has more details, including show dates and ticket information.

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