The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey addresses his future as host ahead of contract negotiation

drew carey face shot from the price is right 2024 on cbs
Drew Carey shared his thoughts about continuing as The Price Is Right host. Pic credit: CBS

Drew Carey stepped into The Price Is Right spotlight as host in 2007 and has seemed to enjoy the role.

Drew took over for the legendary Bob Barker, who hosted the game show featuring pricing games for 35 years.

In addition, Barker hosted Truth or Consequences for 21 years during his television career.

Fellow game show host Alex Trebek hosted Jeopardy! for 36 years, while Pat Sajak claimed the record for longest-serving career as a game show host with the same show, Wheel of Fortune.

This year, Sajak retired from hosting Wheel of Fortune after 41 years. While Barker, Sajak, and Trebek had longevity as hosts, one might wonder if Drew will continue as long as these legends.

Based on his recent remarks, he isn’t planning to go anywhere yet but is preparing for contract negotiations in several years.

Drew Carey shared when he might retire as The Price Is Right host

Drew, 66, has hosted The Price Is Right for 17 years, with three episodes recorded daily. He spoke about his goal with hosting, which is to “keep going” until he officially can’t anymore.

“I just show up and punch the clock and hope I have a job every day. I don’t think in terms of I’m the longest one. I do have a goal: I want to keep going until I die. This is my 18th season. I’ve got to get the 35 and 41 so I can catch Bob Barker and Pat Sajak,” he recently shared in an interview.

Before becoming The Price Is Right host, Drew starred in his self-titled sitcom, The Drew Carey Show. The ABC show ran for nine years, ending with Season 9.

He recalled realizing the moment he’d been at CBS’ popular game show for longer than his previous TV gig.

“Once I hit 10 years here, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s the longest I’ve ever had a job in my life.’ It’s such just a great part of my day, my year, my life. I can’t imagine giving it up,” Drew told TV Insider, adding, “I don’t like CBS to know that, but it’s going to be a few years ’til my next contract negotiation. So maybe forget I said this. I can quit anytime I want!”

In addition, Drew hosted CBS’ Power of 10 game show for one season just before becoming the host of The Price Is Right. He also appeared on the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway?, which featured Wayne Brady, now the popular host of CBS’ Let’s Make a Deal.

Drew said he was ‘flabbergasted’ during contestant’s historic win

Among the perks of being a game show host is that Drew meets all sorts of people and witnesses incredible moments. He told TV Insider everyone that there’s a happy vibe on The Price Is Right as they love to see winners.

“It’s not my money — it’s CBS’s money, and we’re all trying to take it together,” he said.

Several weeks ago, a contestant achieved what Drew called the “greatest bid” ever on the show. A man in the Showcase round, the final segment of The Price Is Right, placed a bid for his Showcase prize package that was just $1 under the actual price.

Drew appeared stunned when he looked at the card with the actual price of the Showcase prize package.

“I stopped, and I said, “You know what?” And I looked at the crowd and they all cheered. This is the closest we got without any audience help. This guy was just a dollar off. I was flabbergasted because that never happens,” Drew said.

Drew may not have aspired to become a game show host when he was younger. He told TV Insider he “used to look down” on that job.

“I watched them. I kind of looked down on it, honestly. Being a game show host, I was like, ‘Yeah, game show host…’ But it’s so much fun, and it’s great,” Drew said.

After 17 years as a game show host, Drew is hooked and has no plans of retiring anytime soon!

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Barb Sherry
Barb Sherry
28 days ago

I love the show, & Drew is great! He is so interested in & kind to the contestants.

Dawn Guthrie
Dawn Guthrie
27 days ago

Love Drew, he’s a Fantastic Host!!! Never want to see him retire. You can tell he Loves his job. He Loves his viewers too and reminds us to take care of ourselves and always says tha he Loves us. That’s very meaningful for us viewers who live alone. ❤️❤️❤️

17 days ago

I watch The Price is Right regularly. Drew is the perfect host. Very personable, kind, generous, funny and friendly. I hope he stays a long time ♥️