The Price Is Right fans claim game is ‘rigged’ and ‘controlled’ after contestant’s surprising win

the price is right host drew carey face shot on cbs
Drew Carey witnessed some incredible moments as host of The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

Some viewers believed that a contestant’s surprising win on The Price Is Right happened due to being “controlled” or “rigged” by the show’s production.

The popular game show features pricing games, where contestants try to determine the prices of various items. There’s also the famous Showcase Showdown and grand finale, the Showcase round.

In the Showdown, the contestants who appeared on stage for pricing games get to spin the big wheel.

The objective is to get the highest cumulative amount, closest to or exactly 100 on the wheel, without going over.

Contestants get up to two spins to try to achieve that, and there’s also the added incentive of getting 100 on the wheel in one or two spins.

One contestant did that in an incredible Showcase Showdown, which featured a tie and some big money, but some fans still questioned the win.

Contestant wows Drew Carey during Showcase Showdown

As three contestants faced off in Showcase Showdown, the first two who spun the wheel achieved 95 on their spins. That created a tie, and the two contestants had to wait for the third contestant’s spins.

The third contestant, Zamone, landed on 50 for her first spin and had to spin again because her number was still below the previous contestants’ 95s.

“That was just annoying,” host Drew Carey said after her first spin barely missed stopping on the 95 for a three-way tie.

However, her second spin stopped on the 50, which was much better news.

“Boom!” Drew yelled as the contestant’s two spins totaled 100.

With that, she won $1,000 and cheered as Drew was amazed.

“Wow! Wow!” he said as the contestant celebrated.

Zamone received a bonus spin with a chance to win more money. Drew explained if her spin of the wheel stopped on five or 15, she’d get $10,000. If the wheel spin stopped on 100, she’d get $25,000.

“Slow down, slow down, slow down!” she yelled during her spin as the wheel neared 100 and then stopped on 15.

“$10,000! $10,000!” Drew yelled as he high-fived Zamone and informed her she’d won $11,000 altogether.

Her impressive win also meant a trip to the Showcase finale to try to win a valuable prize package.

TPIR fans reacted to the Showcase Showdown win

While the contestant’s recent wheel success was thrilling for many viewers, others weren’t as convinced. Based on online reports and social media comments, some fans believe something else happened behind the scenes.

A fan commented on Instagram: “Either this entire show is rigged or just the wheel is rigged” due to the frequency of “1.00 spinners on the show.”

“She had the PERFECT spin,” another commenter said.

Someone commented, “That was truly something,” while another called the game show moment “So fun to watch.”

tpir fans instagram comments screenshot about wheel spins
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

According to The U.S. Sun, additional comments on social media included claims that the wheel is “controlled” or someone is “in back of the wheel stopping it.”

However, many viewers are excited to see contestants win on the show, and the host echoed those sentiments.

In a recent interview, Drew Carey described why there’s such a positive and happy vibe on the game show.

“Everybody wants to see people win,” he told TV Insider, explaining that others love to root for contestants during the game show moments.

“People eventually started cheering for each other. It’s not my money — it’s CBS’s money, and we’re all trying to take it together,” Drew said.

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Donna Milliron
Donna Milliron
2 days ago

I’ve noticed in the last 2 years there is something wrong somewhere!! The wheel stops prematurely. … you can see it when it happens!!! Then last week man got double showcase win by betting exact amount but made it by leaving$1.00!!! Donna Milliron

1 day ago

show has been on so long there be some mathematics people out there who could figure out the spin