Drake curse talk arrives as rapper reveals huge NBA Playoffs bet on Golden State Warriors

drake at LA Premiere Of HBO Euphoria
Drake placed a huge bet on the Golden State Warriors, bringing speculation about the infamous Drake curse. Pic credit: ©

Is the Drake curse real? Golden State Warriors fans are certainly hoping it’s not, as the Grammy-winning hip-hop superstar recently showed off another of his massive sports bets, this time in favor of the team his Toronto Raptors beat in the finals years ago.

On Thursday night, Champagne Papi took to his Instagram Story, where he revealed he put up some major cash in his Stake account, which could win him a handsome amount should Golden State get to a particular stage of the NBA Playoffs.

Those playoffs arrive this weekend, and with Drake’s Raptors also in the hunt, it should make for some exciting times for the league. However, the announcement of his bet on the Warriors has resumed talk of the infamous Drake curse.

Drake reveals huge bet he placed on Warriors in playoffs

Drake’s been flexing with his Stake account in the past several weeks, showing he’s got plenty of funds available for betting when he’s not making music or hanging with his son Adonis.

His most recent flex was a slide on his Instagram Story on Thursday evening, to the tune of CAD 200,000, which works out to approximately $158,610.00 in USD as of this writing. However, Drake’s screenshot also indicates he’s betting with Bitcoin. Either way, it works out as more money than most folks are betting.

Drake chose the Golden State Warriors to win the Western Conference side of the NBA Playoffs for his bet. Should it win, he’d collect a payout of one million from the win.

drake shows huge nba playoffs bet on warriors
Pic credit: @champagnepapi/Instagram

According to Vegas Insider, the Golden State Warriors are the second favorite to win the Western Conference behind the Phoenix Suns. The Suns, led by All-Star Devin Booker, are also the favorite to win the NBA Finals, although the Warriors are amongst the top five contenders.

It’s no secret that Drake certainly enjoys gambling, whether playing roulette on a plane (below) or wagering on professional sports. The recent Warriors flex isn’t even his biggest wager. Several months ago, the Certified Lover Boy dropped a massive amount on the NFL’s Super Bowl, so he’s been known to put up a few dollars or Bitcoin.

Fans bring up the Drake curse after his latest bet

The rumored Drake curse has popped up over the years, which involves the rapper’s connection with any sports team. That includes him hanging around the players or coaches, or attending games, as many people believe his presence cursed that team. Various cursed teams or players have included Johnny Manziel, Serena Williams, Connor McGregor, and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

There have been examples from Premier League football, including his association with various clubs. He’s also believed to have cursed the NBA Warriors during their playoffs fail after they’d gone 73-9 in the regular season.

Many people tweeted about the rapper’s latest bet, believing it can only mean bad news for the Golden State Warriors again.

twitter user comments on drake curse
Pic credit: @D_Collins1911/Twitter

At least one Twitter user tweeted in an effort to manifest positive vibes for the Warriors and their postseason.

fan comments about warriors bet drake made twitter
Pic credit: @caaaroliinaa_/Twitter

Another suggested that Golden State losing in their first-round playoffs matchup would be a surefire sign that it was the Drake curse.

fan reacts drake warriors bet
Pic credit: @Davidfunny971/Twitter

The team will host Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets in the first game of their matchup on Saturday night. As of this report, Golden State is favored to win Game 1 by 6.5 points, per ESPN.

By the way, it’s worth noting that Drake’s most significant tie in sports is to the Toronto Raptors, a team he’s supported for many years in Canada. Behind All-Star Kawhi Leonard, they captured the NBA Championship in the 2019 Finals, despite the rapper’s highly-visible presence at the games. So the Drake curse may not always be in effect.

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