Daniel Craig looks very different from James Bond in punk rock outfit for Paris photoshoot

Daniel Craig James Bond
Daniel Craig pictured on the red carpet for the world premiere of Spectre. Pic credit: ©

Daniel Craig looks very different from the 007 secret agent, James Bond, who he portrayed as he shoots a new advert in Paris.

While the dapper actor has maintained his gym-honed physique, he looks more like a punk rocker than the man with a license to kill.

The British actor gained international fame and acclaim portraying James Bond in Casino Royale.

The 54-year-old returned as Bond in four more movies starring for the last time in the 2021 movie No Time to Die.

Craig has kept a low profile since his acclaimed performance in his final Bond movie.

In 2022, Craig starred in a Broadway revival of Macbeth alongside Ruth Negga.

Daniel Craig dons a black leather jacket while filming ad

The British actor rocked a black leather heavy-duty biker jacket, a matching vest, and a silver chain in the photo shoot.  

He completed the look with black pants and shoes for an all-black ensemble with dark sunglasses.

The 54-year-old actor resembled a buff Sid Vicious rather than Bond. Most observers are used to Craig in a fitted suit and tie.

The Hollywood star was reportedly in Paris filming an advertisement for Belvedere vodka.

Bond producers and Sony Pictures Entertainment inked a deal with the luxury vodka brand back in 2015 ahead of the Bond movie Spectre.

Thanks to Bond’s love for a vodka martini which the iconic character prefers shaken not stirred, an alcohol-based endorsement was a no-brainer.

Daniel Craig has undoubtedly profited from the numerous brand endorsement deals as the face of the Bond franchise since 2006.

According to The Daily Mail, the advert was filmed at the Paris Pont Neuf and nearby Cheval Blanc luxury hotel. (See the photos here)

Filmmaker fiance Taika Waititi was spotted directing the production with his partner Rita Ora by his side.

Daniel Craig clarifies comments about his struggles playing Bond

In an interview with Empire, Craig was asked about his comments in an Apple documentary about the struggles he had portraying Bond in the early days.

In the documentary, the actor spoke about the anxiety that came with the sudden fame after taking over Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

He told Empire that he didn’t want to come across as a moaner.

“I hope that doesn’t come across as a whine. It was an opportunity to talk about it, and I wasn’t really looking forward to talking about it for a number of reasons. One, because it was a tough time and I just thought, ‘It’s all fine, move on, don’t worry about it,’ and also because I didn’t want it to be like, ‘Poor old me, this happened,’” the actor said.

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Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson
1 year ago

Ian Fleming has not only eulogised and promoted the “espionage industry” but he has also spread so much disinformation about that industry that even MI6 would have been proud of the dissemination of so much fake news. Maybe the Bond legacy is finally coming to an end notwithstanding the recent publication of Anthony Horowitz’s With a Mind to Kill, particularly after Daniel Craig’s au revoir in No Time To Die.

We think the anti-Bond era is now being firmly established in literature and on the screen. Raw noir anti-Bond espionage masterpieces are on the ascent. Len Deighton’s classic The Ipcress File is but one example and of course there are plenty of Slow Horses ridden by Bad Actors.

Then there’s Edward Burlington in The Burlington Files series by Bill Fairclough, a real spy who disavowed Ian Fleming for his epic disservice to the espionage fraternity. After all, Fleming single-handedly transformed MI6 into a mythical quasi-religious cult that spawned a knight in shining armour numbered 007 who could regularly save the planet from spinning out of orbit.

Last but not least, the final nail in wee Jimmy Bond’s coffin has been hammered in by Jackson Lamb. Mick Herron’s anti-Bond sentiments combine lethally with the sardonic humour of the Slough House series to unreservedly mock not just Bond but also British Intelligence which has lived too long off the overly ripe fruits Fleming left to rot!