Christina Aguilera drops risque pic posing in just a G-string with an inspirational message

Christina Aguilera La Fuerza
Christina Aguilera releases her first Spanish album in over 20 years. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Admedia

Christina Aguilera returns to her roots with her Spanish album La Fuerza and released a risque photo to celebrate.

It has been over 20 years since the teen pop sensation released her sole Spanish Album Mi Reflejo.

The 41-year-old singer revealed she is paying homage to her Ecuadorian heritage and spoke about the challenge of making a Spanish album in a recent interview.

La Fuerza is supported by three singles: Pa Mis Muchachas, Somos Nada and Santo.

The stunning singer put her curvaceous body on display with her long fiery red hair with her hair and make-up done by celebrity stylists Etienne Ortega and Jesus Guerrero.

Christina Aguilera sends inspirational message with sexy snapshots

In the sexy snapshots, Aguilera almost went nude with barely-there g-string but had an important message to her supporters while taking everyone who worked on her latest album.

“A huge thank you to everyone who supported and worked on this deeply heartfelt project! I am humbled and grateful to know each and every one of you and call you family in this beautiful & personal musical journey back home for me,” she wrote in the caption.

The singer went on to explain the meaning behind La Fuerza, continuing: “La Fuerza (The Strength)…in this first chapter, represents the different elements of what it means to be strong now, as I’ve unlocked new parts of myself as a woman, a fighter, a mother and creator.”

Aguilera, who recently picked up the first-ever Music Icon award at the People’s Choice Award sent out an inspirational message to her fans in the caption with the following:

“We are all entitled to discovering ourselves, our truth and owning our own personal power in however that feels best for you. I want my fighters and anyone who hears this music to continue feeling empowered, vocal and free,” she said continuing:

“Keep discovering yourself. Always remember— even in your weakest moments, how strong you truly are! You are capable of accomplishing so much and more than what we sometimes give ourselves credit for!”

How Christina Aguilera lost 50 pounds

Christina Aguilera managed to shed 50 pounds to get back her bikini body. The singer reportedly focused on dropping the pounds by taking time off work to focus on herself.

According to Insider, she followed a 7-day color diet, which entails eating a different color of food each day.

The order is reported as follows: white, red, green, orange, purple, yellow, and rainbow. The diet allows the addition of chicken, milk, and cheese to the daily color.

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2 years ago

Attention Ho,..PERIOD

2 years ago

Bwahaha, you mean someone airbrushed a picture that somewhat resembles Aguilera? If that s**t was any blurrier it’d be on some ghost conspiracy webpage saying some hooker from the 1800s was dancing on my dining room table