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Chris Cuomo gives update on how he’s doing with chest X-ray as wife reveals new details

Chris and Cristina Cuomo
Cristina Cuomo posted an update on her husband’s condition as he battles with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Pic credit: @cristinacuomo/Instagram

Cristina Cuomo, the wife of CNN host Chris Cuomo, has given an update on her husband’s condition since he was diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 29.

Cristina posted the update to Instagram on Monday night, where she told us he was “doing slightly better”.

She said Chris still feels “incredible lethargy,” but his fever has been down for the past three days, his oxygen levels were normal all week and an X-ray of his lungs on Sunday — which he has shared with the public — was clear.

She also gave us an idea of how the CNN host had suffered in the last week and a half when she wrote: “After one week of up and down symptoms — chills, body aches, total exhaustion, sleeplessness, and a fever that hit 103, he is on day 11 today.”

Chris Cuomo chipped a tooth from shivering

Cuomo told last week how he chipped a tooth because he was shivering so violently while suffering a fever.

Yesterday, he revealed the X-ray of his lungs, as shown in the video below:

Cristina also posted details of what medicines they have been using to deal with his symptoms along with breathing exercises that have helped him fight back against the virus.

Cristina also posted info on her husband’s diet in the past week. She said that “he has maintained his sense of taste and smell, but not his usual hearty Italian appetite.” The 49-year-old has reportedly lost 13 pounds.

She said she’s been preparing organic food for the governor’s brother, such as chicken soup and other food low in chemicals.

Chris is apparently getting 30 minutes of sunshine a day to help with his vitamin D, and he also spends time in a sauna, which has apparently helped his fever and his breathing. He’s been walking around the yard too, to get fluid flowing out of his lungs.

The couple have also enlisted the help of Dr. Linda Lancaster, who specializes in alternative medicine, such as the practice of Ayurveda. Lancaster has been a longtime doctor of Cristina’s, and she helped cure her Lyme disease last year.

Chris Cuomo says ‘your will and devotion’ will beat this virus

Chris himself took to the airways yesterday for an interview with his employers at CNN, where he said the key to beating the virus is “your will and devotion”, adding, “the virus wants us to lay down.”

Chris said that the normal ways of treating illnesses such as “just going to bed” don’t cut it anymore. “Now I’m wise to the beast,” he says “the fever is just softening us up, it makes your body hurt so you don’t want to move.”

He said a pulmonary expert who was a friend of a friend of a friend telephoned him and said that as the virus was in his lungs, he needed to fight back.

Cuomo was instructed to breathe deep, even when it hurts, and to aggressively fight fevers when they spiked. “You have to make that fever go down any way you can,” he told us.

He said it was important for him to keep working and to write about his experiences so he could share them with the public.

The coronavirus has shown that it doesn’t respect borders, boundaries, or anybody, as a number of wealthy celebrities have now been infected from Hollywood actors such as Tom Hanks to Europe’s royal families — Prince Charles was diagnosed two weeks ago. Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister, is currently in intensive care in hospital as he battles COVID-19.

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