Charlize Theron’s kids: Jackson and August spotted in rare photo share

charlize theron kids jackson august in rare photo series
Charlize Theron at the 73rd British Academy Film Awards in 2020. Pic credit: © Vincent/Landmark Media

A rare image featuring Charlize Theron’s kids has popped up online as the actress shared photos of her mother with fans in a birthday tribute.

The Academy Award winner indicated she wanted to share her mother with others because she “knows how utterly awesome it is to stand in her sunlight,” and she “truly is life.”

Along with that, Theron shared a rare series of photos that featured her mother, Gerda Maritz, one of which includes Charlize’s two kids, Jackson and August.

Charlize Theron shares birthday tribute for mother

Taking to Instagram on Friday, Charlize Theron let the world know it was her mother’s birthday, and she wanted to celebrate her being so amazing.

“Today is my moms birthday. I wanted to share her with all of you because anyone who knows her, knows how utterly awesome it’s is to stand in her sunlight. She TRULY is life. She laughs louder than anyone I’ve ever met. She’s a great tennis player/golfer/hiker AND a gifted s**t talker! She’s direct, she’s honest, she’s funny, and she’ll tell you how it is anytime of the day!” Theron wrote in her Instagram post caption.

In the sixth image in the series below, Charlize’s mother Gerda appears all smiles as she is with Jackson, 12, and August, 7, for what may be an outdoor excursion to enjoy nature.

Theron is known for keeping her personal life private, making the above photo series a rare occasion. The Instagram post came two weeks after her previous one, showing how she’s much less active on social media than other stars such as her Fate of the Furious co-star, The Rock.

Charlize Theron’s kids have mostly been kept private

Theron has been in several long-term relationships before. That included a relationship with Stuart Townsend from 2002 through 2019 and one with Sean Penn from 2013 to 2015. Penn and Theron were engaged at one point but broke it off. However, neither of these relationships nor others Theron has been part of included her having kids.

The 46-year-old Charlize Theron was born in Benoni, Transvaal, South Africa. In a Five Things with Lynn Hirschberg podcast interview for W Magazine last year, Theron said she’d been interested in adopting kids since she was younger.

That interest was due to her awareness of orphanages and the overflowing amount of children in them. In 2012, she adopted Jackson, first reported as a boy for the then-36-year-old Theron. In 2019, Theron revealed that Jackson was a transgender girl.

A Hello Magazine report indicates that Jackson told her at three years old, “I am not a boy!”

Her second child, daughter August, was adopted in July 2015. According to US Weekly, Theron revealed her second adopted child not long after she and actor Sean Penn called off their engagement.

“They were born who they are and exactly where in the world both of them get to find themselves as they grow up, and who they want to be, is not for me to decide,” Theron told Daily Mail (per Hello Magazine) of her daughters.

Theron praised ‘incredible village of strong Black women’

Charlize Theron, who won an Academy Award for her role in 2003’s Monster, previously shared her two kids with the world in an August 2020 Instagram post celebrating National Daughter’s Day.

“My heart belongs to these two beautiful powerhouses,” Theron wrote in an Instagram caption for a photo of her and her daughters.

As a South African woman raising Black daughters, Theron said sometimes she needs help and gave praise to the support system she relies on as needed.

“I am so grateful to the incredible village of strong Black women in my life who I can pick up a phone to, or come over to my house and they’ll tell me, ‘You need to stop doing this,’ or ‘these baby hairs are breaking off. What are you doing?'” Theron told Essence last year. “So they put me in my place, and because of them I feel this great confidence in raising my girls.”

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Peg P
Peg P
1 year ago

Charlize looks just like her mother