Azealia Banks takes aim at Julia Fox after Kanye West split, calling her a ‘low rate escort with a crack baby’

Azealia Banks leaks Julia Fox text
Azealia Banks has a new enemy in Julia Fox in her latest feud. Pic credit: ©

Azealia Banks put actress Julia Fox on blast following her split from Kanye West. The controversial rapper called Fox a low-rate escort with a crack baby in a series of vile abuse.

This comes after Banks claims Kanye West owes her money and defended Kim Kardashian, allowing their daughter North to use social media.

Azealia Banks alleges Julia Fox is a sex worker

Banks took to her Instagram Story to react to Julia’s now-deleted statement about her split from the billionaire rapper and fashion designer.

Azealia posted Julia’s statement and wrote the following response alleging that her relationship with West was a publicity stunt:

“We already know the tea Foolia! [You] came to Miami looking for sex work, [the] same lawyer was in contract with Ye, and it was a weak PR stunt from the jump,” she wrote, continuing:

“What did you hustle him [Kanye] for? A bag and some Lucien’s? You absolutely did not come up because if this is how women who ‘always date billionaires’ behave when s**t goes south, threatening tell-all books… You can kiss your days as a low-rate escort goodbye, sis.”

Banks also referenced Julia’s past history of drug abuse, claiming that it may affect Kanye’s divorce from Kim in regard to a child custody battle:

“The things you have made public in regards to your drug abuse (s**t he probably had no clue about in the beginning) are not what he needs associated with him in any custody battle that may arise in court during divorce proceedings.”

Julia Fox previously opened up about her difficult upbringing and told The Hollywood Reporter in 2020 that she survived an overdose at 17.

She also told the publication that she worked as a dominatrix, adding no sex or nudity was involved.

Julia Fox reveals Azealia Banks text messages asking for a drug dealer

Azealia continued her attack, sharing a screenshot of an alleged text exchange with Julia, in which the actress had warned her not to ‘talk s**t’ about her son.’

Azealia responded to the threat on the Insta Story: “Okay your son is a crackbaby….what next.”

Banks also revealed Julia’s threats to expose alleged transphobic comments Azealis made on a podcast in the screenshot.

Julia has a 13-month-old son with her estranged husband, Peter Artemiev.

The Uncut Gems actress hit back at Azealia, revealing a text exchange allegedly between them in which the rapper asked for a drug dealer.

Julia also shared another exchange in which Azealia asked Julia if she could help her set up a staged paparazzi photo shoot and secure her a discount at a hotel suite.

The actress also shared a screenshot of a text allegedly from Banks admitting jealousy that Fox has found love and had a baby.

Following her hit debut single 212, Banks has developed a reputation for feuding with celebrities and making controversial statements.

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1 year ago

Azealia has always been very jealous over anyone that wants to be happy in life she has nothing going for her self,get a life azealia.