August Philip Hawke Brooksbank is a tribute to Princess Eugenie’s grandfather, Duke of Edinburgh: What do the names mean?

Princess Eugenie has revealed the name of her newborn son. Pic credit: ©

August Philip Hawke Brooksbank is the name of Princess Eugenie and husband Jack’s newborn son.

They revealed the name of their son and the first official photo of the baby in a post to Princess Eugenie’s Instagram earlier today.

“We wanted to introduce you to August Philip Hawke Brooksbank,” Princess Eugenie captioned the photo.

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Eugenie went on to thank her fans and supporters for their “wonderful messages” since she gave birth.

She also thanked the healthcare workers, including the midwife who helped to deliver the baby and snapped the photo of the family together.

“Our hearts are full of love for this little human, words can’t express,” Eugenie wrote. “We are excited to be able to share these photos with you.”

Philip is a tribute to Eugenie’s grandfather

Princess Eugenie also took to her Instagram Story to reveal that she named her baby after his great grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and after “both of his great x5 grandfathers.”

Philip is thus a tribute to Princess Eugenie’s grandfather, Prince Phillip, 99, who was recently admitted to the hospital after falling ill.

“He is named after his great grandfathers and both of his great x5 grandfathers,” she wrote in her Instagram Story.

Princess Eugenie is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip through their second son, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and his wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.

The name Philip is from Greek “Philippos,” which means “horse-lover.”

How is the name August derived and what does it mean?

August was the name of Queen Victoria’s husband, Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel (German birth name: Franz Albrecht August Karl Emanuel), better known as Prince Albert.

According to the Daily Mail, Joe Little, a royal expert, said the baby’s first name, August, may also have been inspired by the name of the first Duke of Sussex, Prince Augustus Frederick (1773-1843), who lived in Kensington Palace in the 18th Century.

Prince Augustus was the son of King George III and Queen Charlotte. He became the Duke of Sussex in 1801.

The name Augustus is of Latin origin and is derived from the word “auger,” which means “to increase” or “wax.”

It was also the title given to Roman rulers and it meant “exalted,” “venerable,” or “revered.”

August Philip Hawke Brooksbank is Princess Eugenie and Jack’s first child

August Philip Hawke is Princess Eugenie and Jack’s first child, born on February 9.

Monsters and Critics reported that Princess Eugenie and Jack were spotted leaving the Portland Hospital in London on February 12, three days after Eugenie gave birth.

Royal fans have been looking forward to seeing the first official photo of the baby.

Eugenie shared a photo showing the baby’s hand hours after he was born. But royal watchers expressed dissatisfaction with the photo and asked to know when the couple would share the first “proper” photo of the newborn royal.

Royal fans have been speculating about the baby’s name

Monsters and Critics also reported that royal watchers speculated about the baby’s name after he was born. British bookmakers also offered odds.

Philip, the baby’s second name, was one of the highly favored names, alongside Arthur, James, Godfrey, William, Edward, and Andrew.

But August was not among the names that topped the list.

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