Royal fans want Princess Eugenie to release a ‘proper photo’ of her newborn son

Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie has given birth to her first child. Pic credit: © Landmark-Media

Royal fans are looking forward to their first glimpse of Princess Eugenie’s newborn son.

However, days after she gave birth, Eugenie has not yet released a photo showing the newborn’s face.

Royal fans are now wondering when Princess Eugenie will release the photo.

The baby, whose name has not yet been revealed, was born at 8:55 am on Tuesday, February 9, at The Portland Hospital in London.

The baby was born weighing 8 lbs. 1oz, according to the Royal Family’s official Instagram page.

Princess Eugenie shared a photo of the baby’s fingers soon after birth

Monsters and Critics reported that soon after she gave birth, Princess Eugenie took to her Instagram page to share with her 1.3 million fans, a black-and-white photo showing two adult hands — presumably the parents’ — holding the baby’s wrist and fingers.

That was the first and only glimpse of the new royal that Princess Eugenie has offered. But royal fans want Princess Eugenie to share a “proper” photo of the baby.

The U.K.’s Express reported that a royal expert has urged Eugenie to release a “proper” photo of her baby.

Royal expert says the public is entitled to see the baby

According to The Express, Phil Dampier, a royal expert, agreed that rather than a black-and-white image of the fingers, members of the British public are “probably entitled to see proper pictures of” Princess Eugenie’s baby.

He said that British taxpayers, in particular, were entitled to see proper pictures of the baby after a lot of their tax money was spent on the princess’ wedding in 2018.

The lavish, televised wedding reportedly cost British taxpayers more than $2.7 million (£2 million), according to the U.K. tabloid.

But Dampier noted that members of the Royal Family struggle to strike a balance between their privacy and their lives as public figures.

Princess Eugenie left the hospital with her baby on Friday

The latest development comes after Monsters and Critics reported that Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank were photographed on Friday leaving The Portland Hospital with their newborn son.

A photograph that emerged online showed Jack driving Princess Eugenie and their baby home.

Princess Eugenie flashed a smile and waves as Jack drives off.

Media reports have confirmed that the couple returned to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Frogmore Cottage.

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank spent Christmas at Frogmore after the Sussexes moved to Santa Barbara, California.

Royal fans have also been speculating about the baby’s name.

British bookmakers have offered odds on what the baby’s name will be.

Some of the popular suggestions so far include Arthur, Philip, James, William, Edward, and Andrew.

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