Amy Schumer is worried about her father staying at facility which reported 15 COVID-19 fatalities

Amy Schumer on the red carpet
Amy Schumer has voiced her concerns for her father during the coronavirus pandemic but has enjoyed the distraction of new motherhood. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson

Comedian Amy Schumer has spoken out about her concerns for her father during the current novel coronavirus pandemic.

The I Feel Pretty star told The New York Times that her father is residing in an assisted living facility where fifteen people have died from COVID-19. She also revealed that she’s worried about her mother, who is currently staying alone.

Schumer was speaking about how she’s adapted to life in lockdown America; she admitted that on a scale of one to ten (with ten being totally fine), she says she’s about a seven.

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She said: “I’m worried about my dad, who is in assisted living where 15 people have died. My mom is alone. It’s upsetting.”

She also pointed out that she personally knows people who have had the coronavirus, adding, “My friends who are nurses, a lot of them had it.”

Motherhood has changed Amy Schumer’s outlook on life

Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer are parents to one-year-old Gene, and Amy says that having a baby son has dramatically changed her outlook and perspective on life.

But she claims the youngster has also helped her to deal much better with the stress of lockdown, saying, “My day-to-day is nice. It’s nice to have a baby because it gives you a routine, and he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

She pointed out that motherhood has made her more cautious, “If I didn’t have a baby, I might be a little more chill. You care if you die less if you don’t. But now, I’m like, I better stay alive, I guess.”

We won’t see Amy Schumer on-stage again for some time

With that in mind, Schumer stressed that she won’t be rushing back to work until she’s sure it’s absolutely safe, “I don’t want to be back on a set until I’m sure everything is safe,” she insisted. “I’m not going to go to the Comedy Cellar for a year at least. It’s the biggest risk.”

Schumer and her young son Gene recently hit the headlines when it was revealed that Amy and Chris changed their son’s name after realizing it sounded a bit rude.

He was initially known as ‘Gene Attell Fischer’ but his parents then decided that his first two names sounded a bit like ‘genital.’ Thankfully, Gene should hopefully be avoiding any playground bullying as his middle name was switched to ‘David.’

Amy Schumer delighted fans last year with her Netflix standup special Growing. Taking to the stage while in her third trimester, she did what any good comedian would do, and used her pregnant state as comedic material to great effect.

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