Alicia Keys blasted for singing Empire State of Mind at Queen’s Jubilee

Alicia Keys on the red carpet
Alicia Keys was met with some confusion when she sang about New York in London. Pic credit: ©

Many fans are complaining about Alicia Keys’ decision to sing Empire State of Mind at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in London on Saturday night.

Very few people could find fault with the American singer’s actual performance, but many fans were left confused as to why she chose to sing a song about New York while sitting in front of Buckingham Palace.

Some folks felt Alicia should have chosen a more appropriate song for the occasion.

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The 41-year-old Keys was performing with a host of other artists to celebrate the Queen’s momentous 70 years on the throne of the UK and the Commonwealth. Therefore some fans felt Alicia should have chosen a song with more of a British theme or a least one that was less obviously American.

Before Alicia Keys began to sing her love letter to New York, she announced to the crowd of Union Jack waving Londoners: “When I’m in London, I feel like I’m home. It reminds me of New York.” Needless to say, some fans thought it a bit weird.

To be fair to the New Yorker, she did switch up the lyrics for one of the later verses switching out “New York” for “London.” It’s not clear if she had planned that change or if she was improvising. Either way, many fans were not impressed.

Confused fans criticized Alicia Keys for singing about New York

One fan echoed the confusion of many by posting the confused John Travolta from Pulp Fiction meme.

One fan asked simply: “Why is Alicia Keyes singing NEW YORK at the Queen’s Jubilee in London?” and questioned what that had to do with Her Majesty.

Tweet criticizes Alicia Keys
Pic credit: @summercrusssh/Twitter

Another fan mocked Keys by suggesting she had the “most tenuous” link of the night for implying that because London felt like home, she’d sing a song about New York: “Anybody keeping track of “Most tenuous link to make their most famous song about the Jubilee”?? Alicia Keys with a strong contender there.”

Tweet mocks Alicia Keys
Pic credit: @ChrisHallas/Twitter

Alicia Keys also had lots of fans at London Jubilee concert

However, Alicia’s performance also had a lot of fans.

TV critic, Ian Hyland, was so impressed he suggested the Queen might want to overlook Prince Charles and announce Alicia as the next heir to the throne. He wrote: “I realise there’d be constitutional issues, but if the Queen were to announce Alicia Keys as her heir after her performance tonight I’d be fine with it.”

Tweet praising Keys
Pic credit: @HylandIan/Twitter

Another fan argued that Keys’ performance stole the night. They wrote: “Alicia Keys performance and the lighting is stealing the night by a bloody mile.”

Alicia also performed Superwoman and Girl on Fire in an impressive set that featured a stunning light show projected onto Buckingham Palace. Check out her performance below.

Alicia Keys Full Performance Superwoman, Girl On Fire, Empire State Of Mind -Queens Platinum Jubilee

Alicia was joined by numerous other stars such as Diana Ross, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Duran Duran, Queen fronted by Adam Lambert, and many more.

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