Buckingham Palace has revealed the plans for Queen Elizabeth’s 70th anniversary Platinum Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth at a royal event
Queen Elizabeth will be 70 years on the throne of England next year. Pic credit: ©

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth will become the first British monarch to have sat on the throne for an incredible 70 years. Buckingham Palace has now released plans to mark this momentous anniversary, known as the Platinum Jubilee.

The Palace has announced a series of events to take place next June, which will include a four-day holiday weekend combined with a concert, Trooping the Color, and a trip to the horse races for Her Majesty.

Elizabeth’s reign will be 70 years long on February 6, 2022; however, the party and the celebrations won’t happen until June of that year. The delay is largely down to the unpredictability of the British weather, which the Palace hopes will be better in June.

The Palace announcement means hardworking Brits will be able to enjoy an extended holiday period from Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5; during this time, the Palace is encouraging communities to “celebrate their connections.” We can expect plenty of barbecues and traditional street parties to happen all across the United Kingdom.

There’s going to be a live concert broadcast from Buckingham Palace, called the Platinum Party at the Palace, which will feature “the world’s biggest entertainment stars.” It’s currently unknown if any of Elizabeth II’s favorite bands will be appearing (or even if she has favorite bands); undoubtedly, Her Majesty will grin and bear it, as always.

Four-day event will celebrate Platinum Jubilee

On Thursday, the Trooping of the Color will occur for the first time since the pandemic. Friday will see a Service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s reign held at St Paul’s Cathedral, and on Saturday, the horse-loving Queen will no doubt enjoy her planned day trip to the Epson Derby races.

The concert at the Palace and the street parties are expected to happen on the Sunday. A Platinum Jubilee Pageant will feature up to 5,000 performers from across the UK and will include a variety of acts from the world of street art, theatre, music, circus, and carnival.

The Royal Family official Twitter account has posted a quick rundown of the events.

Worldwide celebrations for Queen’s Platinum Jubilee are expected

The Queen is the current head of the Commonwealth, and as a result, we can expect multiple celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee to occur throughout next year among the 54 member countries. In England, the Queen and Prince Charles have already launched a tree-planting initiative.

The Queen will be 96 years old at the time of the celebrations, but she currently shows no signs of slowing down and seems determined to continue carrying out her royal duties.

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, sadly passed away in April. The 99-year-old had spent much of 2021 in the hospital, and his death was registered as “old age.”

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