Queen Elizabeth launches tree-planting project in honor of upcoming jubilee celebration

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth has planted more than 1,500 trees during her reign. Pic credit: ©

Queen Elizabeth has launched a new tree-planting initiative in preparation for her platinum jubilee celebration, which will occur next year. The jubilee marks her Majesty’s 70th year on the throne.

Supported by Prince Charles, the scheme was promoted in a video shared to the royal family’s Instagram account, with the catchy phrase “Plant a tree for the jubilee” thrown in.

Prince Charles joked that the event was “in other words, a Treebilee.”

The Queen has long been a supporter of tree-planting, having planted over 1,500 trees during her decades-long reign.

She planted her first tree in 1937 and has faithfully continued the environmental work over the successive years.

Her Majesty and Prince Charles are encouraging all Britons to participate in the initiative, which will begin in October of this year and continue until the end of 2022, when the jubilee happens.

What exactly is the Queen’s Green Canopy?

As detailed on the website dedicated to explaining and supporting the Queen’s Green Canopy, the initiative has been set up to support and promote the planting of trees, namely in preparation for the platinum jubilee.

The site explains that everyone from “individuals to Scout and Girlguiding groups, villages, cities, counties, schools and corporates will be encouraged to play their part” to support the Queen and provide a means of sustaining the future populations with clean air.

Aside from planting trees, the Queen’s Green Canopy will also dedicate a system of 70 ancient woodlands around the United Kingdom for the cause, as well as identifying 70 ancient trees to honor her 70-year legacy.

What audience does the Queen’s Green Canopy want to target?

The Queen’s Green Canopy webpage contains several tabs for further investigation and information, such as Individuals, Schools, Communities & Groups, Counties & Cities, and Corporates. Within each tab, more details can be found pertaining directly to the target audience.

In the link for Schools, the site explains how educators and students can get involved in the initiative, providing a link for teachers to apply for free saplings beginning in June of this year.

Under the tab for Corporates, a page pulls up with information provided to help corporations understand ways in which they can get involved. Big companies are encouraged here to plant trees on company property or to help support community forest planting projects around the UK.

Even the UK Prime Minister is getting involved, with his official Twitter account tweeting their support for the initiative.

Prince Charles has already planted his tree in support of the Queen’s Green Canopy scheme and can be seen doing his part in the promotional video that was shared to their Instagram account. Although the primary target for the campaign are citizens of the United Kingdom, the Queen and Prince Charles also hope to have as many people from around the world join in.

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