Alicia Keys opens up about finding ‘balance’ between being a mom and a musician

Alicia Keys on the red carpet
Alicia Keys talks about finding a balance between being a musician and a mom. Pic credit: ©

Alicia Keys is a music icon. With 15 Grammy wins under her belt, there’s no denying her huge influence on the music industry and her fans.

She’s also a mother, raising children Egypt and Genesis alongside fellow musician and husband, Swizz Beats, whose real name is Kasseem Dean.

As most moms know, it can be hard to juggle a career and make enough time to take care of one’s family too. It’s definitely a balancing act, one that Keys knows all too well.

Alicia Keys on balancing work and motherhood

Alicia Keys recently opened up to PEOPLE about how she manages her incredible music career and balances that out with being a wife and mom too.

“Everything with me is about wellness,” Keys explained. “That’s what all of this is about, taking the everyday and turning it into a small bit of a ritual so that you can have a moment for yourself.”

And speaking of rituals, Keys said that bathtime is where she likes to unwind. “A little bath with some salt, some bubbles. 20 minutes, 10 minutes,” she says is one of the ways that Keys likes to unwind.

In addition to exercise and bathtime, the brand new Athleta ambassador spends quite a bit of time journaling.

“I found that like for me as a writer, I really needed to get back into my journaling because I was getting all backed up in my head, and I was feeling all these things but I wasn’t really able to express them,” Keys explains.

“Getting back into my journaling really opened a space for me, and it made me become more creative too because I was kind of stuffing that down,” she said.

If journaling helps Keys to be one of the most winning women in music, it’s a good thing she is getting back to it.

Alicia Keys responds to the flattery given by Janet Jackson

Keys’ secrets to how she balances both parts of her life comes right after reminding fans that even Janet Jackson has a crush.

“I always knew I was BAE – But when @janetjackson says it,” Keys captioned a post about Janet’s girl crush, as revealed 14 years prior.

The post also includes the part of the article that reads, “Janet Jackson has revealed that she would date Alicia Keys. When asked by E! Online who she would have a lesbian relationship with, Jackson said: “I think I would pick Alicia Keys. I think she’s wonderful.”

Seems like Alicia is flattered to be Jackson’s first pick.

The second picture in the post is a promo photo of Jackson’s new documentary, which debuted on January 28, and 29, 2022. The 2-night event aired on both Lifetime and A&E.

Alicia Keys is one of the hardest-working women in the music business. To have Janet Jackson call her out as one of her crushes is pretty epic. Maybe a collaboration might be in order.

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