Alicia Keys defends singing Empire State of Mind, says Queen Elizabeth wanted it

Alicia Keys has hit back at those who criticized her for singing Empire State of Mind at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by claiming Her Majesty actually requested the song herself. The 41-year-old singer performed a set on Saturday in front of Buckingham Palace along with many other celebrities and bands, including Queen, Duran Duran, Diana


Alicia Keys blasted for singing Empire State of Mind at Queen’s Jubilee

Many fans are complaining about Alicia Keys’ decision to sing Empire State of Mind at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in London on Saturday night. Very few people could find fault with the American singer’s actual performance, but many fans were left confused as to why she chose to sing a song about New York while


Donda 2: Alicia Keys ‘the best part’ of Kanye West’s listening party

With Kanye West’s Donda 2 listening party in Miami Tuesday night, viewers were treated to a variety of songs from his upcoming album, as well as performances of other material. That included tracks from his 2021 Donda album and newer music from guest artists, including The Game, Pusha T, and Fivio Foreign. The latter also


Alicia Keys reacts to Janet Jackson admitting she has a crush on her

In 2008, Janet Jackson revealed that if she were to be in a lesbian relationship, she would choose to be with singer Alicia Keys. “I think I would pick Alicia Keys. I think she’s wonderful,” Jackson said at the time to E! Online. As it turns out, Alicia Keys believes Janet Jackson is wonderful, too.


13 epic female albums turning 20 in 2021

2001 was quite the year for amazing music, specifically for female artists. With that in mind, we’ve listed 13 fantastic albums by superstar women that turn 20 this year. Before the days of streaming and YouTube, you had to walk into a store and purchase a CD to actually hear your favorite artist’s new record.


Alicia Keys and Oprah safely connect on OWN and Facebook Live Super Soul Sunday

This Sunday the tea will be served and the celebration is real as Oprah Winfrey will host her dear friend Alicia Keys once again on OWN. Oprah Winfrey Network is OWN, and their special Facebook Live event will feature Oprah Winfrey in an intimate one-on-one conversation with 15-time Grammy-winning artist, songwriter, producer, and New York


Jahna Sebastian: Who is Swizz Beatz’ baby mama that called out Alicia Keys?

Swizz Beatz’ baby mama, Jahna Sebastian, recently spoke out, blasting Alicia Keys as her daughter Nicole’s “stepparent.” Now, some are wanting to know more about the British singer/songwriter. It all began when Jahna took to Instagram with an open letter that explained why she was so upset with Keys. In it, she explained that Keys