Donda 2: Alicia Keys ‘the best part’ of Kanye West’s listening party

alicia keys at donda 2 concert in miami
Alicia Keys performs with Fivio Foreign and Kanye West during the Donda 2 listening party in Miami. Pic credit: Kanye West/YouTube

With Kanye West’s Donda 2 listening party in Miami Tuesday night, viewers were treated to a variety of songs from his upcoming album, as well as performances of other material.

That included tracks from his 2021 Donda album and newer music from guest artists, including The Game, Pusha T, and Fivio Foreign. The latter also brought singing sensation Alicia Keys out to help perform City of Gods.

Along with that, many viewers praised Keys as “the best part” of the entire Kanye West concert for Donda 2 for her vocal performance and her flashy accessory.

Alicia Keys performed at Kanye West’s Donda 2 concert

Singer Alicia Keys was one of the many guests who appeared for Kanye’s Donda 2 listening event, singing vocals and playing piano for Fivio Foreign’s recent hit, City of Gods.

That particular song featured Ye’s infamous line about Saturday Night Live, seemingly aimed at cast member Pete Davidson, as he raps, “Now it’s time to give ’em hell/Ask my staff, I pay ’em well/This afternoon, a hundred goons pullin’ up to SNL.”

The Grammy winner provides a beautiful hook for the song in typical Alicia Keys fashion, including another nod to New York City.

On Tuesday, Keys shared a video clip of her performance on her official Instagram profile, referring to the Donda 2 event with fire emojis.

The Instagram post above also includes a series of images, many of which capture Keys’ performance with Ye and Fivio Foreign. As of this report, that Instagram post racked up over 94,000 Likes and 1,300 comments from fans.

Viewers react to Alicia Keys’ appearance at Donda 2 event

Commenters made their thoughts known on Twitter about Alicia Keys’ participation in the Donda 2 listening party, with a few individuals claiming she “saved” everyone.

One individual suggested that Keys carried the whole concert in Miami with her performance during City of Gods.

commenter tweets alicia keys carried donda 2 event
Pic credit: @doloyos/Twitter

“Alicia Keys didn’t have to go that hard on City of Gods last night performing at Donda 2,” another commenter said of her performance.

alicia keys commenter about donda 2 listening event
Pic credit: @Yoshi_NY/Twitter

Another viewer called Keys “the highlight of the show” for them, thanks to her delivering that performance.

alicia keys highlight of donda 2 concert per commenter
Pic credit: @@stephonstyles/Twitter

More than a few viewers noticed the impressive sparkly chain hanging from Keys’ neck and commented about it on the social media platform.

“Alicia Keys was the best part of that Donda stream, did you see her chain bruh??” someone wrote on Twitter, adding a goat emoji.

commenter about alicia keys at donda 2 event
Pic credit: @_sotodolo/Twitter

Another commenter praised Keys’ “iced out piano key chain” she wore during the Donda 2 appearance.

twitter comment about alicia keys chain
Pic credit: @mikestheworst/Twitter

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Keys’ outfit featured a baggy zip-up jumpsuit along with black heeled boots. In addition to wearing matching silver rings, she had on the sparkling black-and-white chain necklace. The jewelry piece included large piano keys and her last name Keys, also written above it.

Keys shared an Instagram post in which she showed off her outfit including the sparkly chain ahead of the event. She used Ye’s Flashing Lights as the song for her video clip, saying she was in her “Big Mood” in the caption.

Keys only performed the one song alongside Kanye West and Fivio Foreign at Tuesday’s Donda 2 event with City of Gods. The track is a Fivio Foreign song, so it’s likely not included on Ye’s Donda 2 album. As of this report, it’s unknown if Keys might have other involvement with Donda 2, but there’s been no mention of her as a featured artist on the project.

West’s Donda 2 album wasn’t fully released at the time of this report. However, it’s been noted that individual songs started releasing on Wednesday evening for individuals who own Kanye’s Stem Player device.

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