Jahna Sebastian: Who is Swizz Beatz’ baby mama that called out Alicia Keys?

Jahna Sebastian
Jahna Sebastian is not pleased with Alicia Keys. Pic credit: @jahnasebastian/Instagram

Swizz Beatz’ baby mama, Jahna Sebastian, recently spoke out, blasting Alicia Keys as her daughter Nicole’s “stepparent.” Now, some are wanting to know more about the British singer/songwriter.

It all began when Jahna took to Instagram with an open letter that explained why she was so upset with Keys. In it, she explained that Keys is stepmother to her daughter with Swizz Beatz — but makes it clear that Nicole lives with her in the UK and that she is her mother.

Among her list of grievances, Jahna Sebastian complained that Alicia Keys purchased an iPhone for her daughter and set her up with her own Apple ID and iCloud account that were listed under Keys’ own account. That is something required of minor children when setting up these accounts, but Jahna argued that Keys was not authorized to do any of that.

Causing further grief, she claims that Nicole had been restricted from using certain social media and that Alicia Keys ignored her wishes — allowing the child to access apps such as Tik Tok that her mother didn’t want her using.

Jahna also complained that her daughter had signed in to another iPhone and an iPad that she had purchased using this new Apple ID. That created privacy issues for her because the account was listed under one owned by Keys, which led to Swizz Beatz’s wife being able to access photos and videos of Jahna Sebastian, as well as to be able to learn her location from these devices.

The final complaint was Jahna’s claim that Alicia asked her daughter Nicole to call her “Umi,” which is Arabic for mom, a move that really upset and offended her. Swizz Beatz’ ex explained that she has made it clear in the past that she is Nicole’s only mother and that she didn’t want her daughter calling anyone else anything even related to mother.

Jahna captioned her Instagram post, writing, “I am speaking up now. There are women in the same position. Women in general have been constantly told throughout history to not say anything, when there have been issues. This is the time for the truth.”

The entire Instagram complaint can be read below.

Who is Jahna Sebastian?

According to her Instagram bio, Jahna Sebastian is a “Singer, songwriter, producer, composer, [and] visionary.” She is a British celebrity and music maker known for her studio, Multivizion Music.

Jahna is a classically trained pianist with an education from the Russian Academy of Music. According to her SoundCloud account, it was Jahna Sebastian and rapper Oxxxymiron who are responsible for the growing popularity of grime and dubstep in Russia.

Swizz Beatz and Jahna Sebastian have one child together, their 11-year-old daughter, Nicole Dean, whom she references in the Instagram post aimed at “stepparent” Alicia Keys. Nicole was born in 2008, but according to Hot New Hip Hop, it wasn’t until a year later that Swizz Beatz learned that he had fathered a child with Sebastian.

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