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‘You’ve been scammed’: Fans slam Molly for taking Luis back on 90 Day Fiance

Luis and Molly on 90 Day Fiance reunion
Luis and Molly together on the 90 Day Fiance tell-all reunion

Fans last night slammed 90 Day Fiance bride Molly after it was revealed on the tell-all reunion that she had taken husband Luis back.

We told yesterday how the couple are still together, after Luis posted a picture on his Instagram of him and Molly together and saying that he loved her.

But fans were left bewildered at the news, which also left the other couples at the reunion stunned. Fellow 90 Day Fiance alum Andrei described Luis on the episode as a “punk” — and said that he didn’t “deserve” Molly.

It came after Luis walked out on the season finale after he and Molly had a heated row. The couple have failed to see eye to eye over various issues during the season, from how Luis behaves around Molly’s kids to religion and some of the objects, including an owl statue which he linked to witchcraft, which she has on display around her house.

The season finale also saw Molly reveal she and Luis had secretly got married without telling producers. But yesterday fans took to social media in despair after finding out that she had taken him back.

One said on the show’s Facebook page: “Molly. You’ve been scammed. Have that marriage annulled immediately if you haven’t already. That 26 yo played you! He was looking for a way out using God as an excuse. You deserve so much better than that dirtbag!”

90 Day Fiance Facebook comment

Another added: “I feel sorry for Molly she wants a man to love her and be a father to her daughters. The right man is out there for Molly but Luis isn’t that man.”

90 Day Fiance Facebook comment

Another said: “No wonder he didn’t care. She married him and now he can take off. She’ll spend a ton to get it annulled.”

90 Day Fiance Facebook comment

But others had less sympathy for Molly, and said she had brought it upon herself. One fan said: “Well, Molly, I am your age, and lets face it… you cannot recruit a 24 year old man to become a stepfather and then have a mental breakdown when things go belly up.

“Luis is quite strange, true, but there are definitely wrong expectations here on Molly’s behalf. Molly, take your time, and God will bring the perfect person into your life without any drama.”

90 Day Fiance Facebook comment

Others said Molly was the “new Danielle”, in reference to famous former 90 Day Fiance alum Danielle from Season 2.

The tell-all reunion also saw the other couples reveal where their relationships stand today, with Evelyn and David finally revealing that they had had sex, while Nicole was left in tears after failing to receive a message from an absent Azan.

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