Why isn’t New Amsterdam on tonight? When will the show return?

New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam will take a long hiatus. Pic credit: Barbara Nitke/NBC

There is no new episode of New Amsterdam tonight. The series, which ended with an unanswered question last week as Dr. Max Goodwin and Dr. Lauren Bloom started questioning their feelings for one another, isn’t done for the season. Last week was not the Season 1 finale.

Instead, NBC is taking a long break from New Amsterdam to make room for a new show. Tonight, viewers will be introduced to a new show called The Village, a show that looks at the intertwining lives of the residents in a Manhattan apartment building.

But what does this mean for New Amsterdam? The Futon Critic reports that New Amsterdam won’t return until April 9. The show will then run every week for the remaining six episodes of the season, wrapping up Season 1 on May 14, which will be Episode 22.

The break in programming could be thanks to the late order of 9 more episodes from NBC. Back in October 2018, NBC ordered more episodes to make New Amsterdam Season 9 a full 22 episodes instead of the original 13 episodes. This additional order could have pushed production back a bit, resulting in this three-week long gap.

Another reason for the gap could be due to This Is Us, which will air its 16th episode tonight from Season 3. This Is Us has 18 episodes per season, which means it will wrap up the week before New Amsterdam is set to return.

The Village, which is the newest addition to the NBC line-up, could then be shuffled to the 9/8c timeslot, so New Amsterdam could continue in the 10/9c lineup. NBC hasn’t confirmed the details about the timeslots.

The Village is a 10-episode series and will air on NBC throughout the spring.

This break in programming could just be for Season 1. The show has already been renewed for Season 2 so it’s possible that NBC wants to catch up, so the new 22-episode season could run from September to April with regular primetime programming in the 2019/2020 season.

New Amsterdam isn’t on tonight and won’t be on for a few weeks. The show is reportedly set to return in a few weeks.

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Debb Webster
Debb Webster
2 years ago

I love that show! I was very dissatisfied not seeing it.