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Why is The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 not on TV tonight? And when will it return?

Oak Island crew work at the Money Pit
Gary Drayton, Peter Fornetti, and Laird Niven (From L to R) will be eager to get back to work at the Money Pit. Pic credit: History

Fans of The Curse of Oak Island will be disappointed and maybe a little confused to learn that there will be no new episode on the History Channel this week.

The guys had finally started on the “big dig” at the Money Pit, and it looked like both they and us viewers might begin seeing some treasure soon, but cruelly, it seems we’ll all have to wait a bit longer.

But don’t worry, Season 9 is not coming to an end just yet. We have been treated to 15 episodes so far, and fans can expect to see approximately another ten before they wrap things up for the year. Instead, the Oak Island guys are simply having their now annual mid-season break.

Recent seasons have generally ended at the end of April or the beginning of May, and this year isn’t expected to be any different. In fact, the general trend has been towards longer seasons. The first five seasons were all under 20 episodes, but they’ve increased every year bar one, and Season 8 was a record at 25 episodes.

When will The Curse of Oak Island be back on the History Channel?

The Curse of Oak Island Season 9 will return at the usual time at 9/8c on Tuesday, March 1, with Episode 16, which is titled Gold Diggers.

On this episode, viewers can expect to see the guys continuing to excavate the Money Pit area in the hope of finding the buried treasure. According to the History Channel episode descriptor, the team will be following in the footsteps of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was part of an expedition to find the Oak Island treasure in 1909.

“Rick, Marty, and the team continue digging in the Money Pit in search of the fabled treasure vault, following a path first forged by former US former president Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

What is the History Channel showing instead of The Curse of Oak Island?

Continuing on the theme of US presidents, the Oak Island mid-term break coincides with Presidents’ Day, which was on Monday, February 21. This has prompted the History Channel to air a  “three-night documentary event” titled Abraham Lincoln, a biography of America’s iconic 16th president.

At the time when Oak Island fans would typically be tuning in for some treasure hunting, they can instead expect to see the third episode of the Abraham Lincoln biography, which will be mainly focusing on events occurring towards the end of the Civil War.

Thankfully, Oak Island fans won’t have to wait too long for the show to return, and as we start heading into the latter stages of Season 9, we can expect things to start ramping up as the guys put in a final push to find something big before the Canadian winter arrives.

Oak Island artifacts
This lead bag seal and ancient cross are just two of the many artifacts that have been found on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island will return on March 1, at 9/8c on History.

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  1. This is bull s**t! I am been disappointed with the Oak findings oh ….getting ready to move on with them Stretching out every episode with literally nothing….looky here another stick!

  2. Having found the memorial dagger of the Knights Templar from the medieval period along with a portrait of Jacques de Mola, the 23rd degree leader’s French armor and fluff from the King in Florida-this series has yet to engage the complete truth nor or their interest in exposing a map to the treasure!

  3. Having found the memorial dagger of the Knights Templar from the medieval period along with a portrait of Jacques de Mola, the 23rd degree leader’s French armor and fluff from the King in Florida-this series has yet to engage the complete truth nor in sharing their interest in exposing a map to the treasure!

  4. I’m wondering how many more seasons of The Curse of Oak Island before I’m going to be watching it, see something familiar, and realize that oh crap they’re digging up my backyard. Then I go out there and find them nodding their heads, smiling, and snapping their heads from side to side at each other claiming they’ve just made what could be an potentially important discovery. I would then try to explain to them that the material they found was not part of a treasure chest but just a piece of wood from when my garage was built in the 1970’s.

  5. It’s a big steaming pile of horse shine. All the advertising was for tonight. Not next frigging week. Put Lincoln on next week. Or better yet during the damn marathon Day of American Pickers . That’s a useless program

    • The fact the hardly any viewers outside of the tv networks business have any clue about these goofy sweeps and their constant moving of shows to align and battle each other just tells you how useless those ratings and dates are. Even worse are how often these are last minute change ideas and little to know notification to their viewers of what is really going on. So people put aside time for their weekly show they have in good faith waited for and are rewarded with nothing.

  6. Apparently, the season will end with their being no treasure. If there had been or when there is the news would be too great to have not leaked out to the public.
    Also, the last curse death has not occurred, and I do not expect that it will because the death of Mr. Blankenship has had to have counted even though it was not a tragic death he was an integral part of the entire story.

  7. Very disappointed in the “revaations” about the bag seal. There is a picture on the New York Historical Society Museum & Library website of a collection of Bale identical to the one found on Oak Island is in the bottom right hand corner of the case. Info about this was posted elsewhere last year when the Bale Seal was first found.

  8. I have watched from the start and seriously, am contemplating dropping the show. I, like many of your viewers, am tired of the teasing. Either find the “treasure” (if one even exists) or shut the show down, Also, given the recent political change in Canada, (can you say Communist) will there even be a ttreasure find? Or another season? Better wrap this up before the show is forced out of the country.

  9. Would like to see a map of where the carbon dated timbers found in the Money pit area were located with depths. Several found shallower than the boot dated to 1909 which had various quoted depths in last episode.

  10. While I’m bummed there’s no show tonight, I am grateful for the adventure every week. I hope they are able to drag to the surface whatever is down there before all the wheels depart the economy and we start the Greater Depression..

  11. why do they always think something in down there, why not the opposite, something might have been there and is gone long ago, plain and simple !!!

  12. I’d buy that excuse about a break if this weren’t filmed last year. It’s not live programming.. They always state that they shut down fur the winter season.

    More likely, it is that they had a special presentation of Abraham Lincoln for presidents day… Which was finally mentioned in the latter half…

  13. Oak Island was interesting from the beginning but you have lost my interest starting about a year ago. STOP milking it!!! oak island has turned into ‘Search for Tomorrow’ or ‘Guiding Light’ or ‘The Edge of Night’, shows that are from gone by days! They would show an episode of a person on the phone calling someone and about a year later after 30 episodes you finally find out who that person called. I’ve had enough, I am out of here!!!!! Don’t forget to fill in the hole when you’re done, someone might fall in and die! Ohhhhhhh!!

    • They fill in the holes every season and redig the same holes every season.

      season 8 they dug down and pulled up massive amounts of wood and even saw gold things on camera but they fell down 140 or 170 feet down hole. Last we heard of that I think. Last year they also ran tests telling them Silver was down there. This year they are aiming at the same places with bigger 10 ft caissons but only talking about 90-120 depths? Yeah makes sense right? Next season they will have 15 ft caissons and set up a table and chairs at the bottom to have their tea breaks in. In 2045 the new Curse of Oak Island crew will excavate the money pit with a real pile dam and find the old Curse of Oak Island crew at the bottom.


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