Who wins HOH Competition tonight on Big Brother? Endurance Challenge results live

Christie During BB21 Comp
Christie Murphy during a Big Brother 21 competition. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother cast member who wins the HOH Competition tonight will have to put in a lot of work. There is an Endurance Challenge taking place, with the results set to be revealed on the live feeds.

This is to serve as a live recap of the event, so make sure to frequently update the page once things get started on Thursday night. Scroll down for endurance results once it gets started.

It’s a big night on the show, as someone is going to be sent to the BB21 jury house to join Jack Matthews. Even as the live feed cameras were getting turned off ahead of the Eviction Ceremony, things were unsettled regarding the vote.

One of Kathryn Dunn or Cliff Hogg will be voted out of the house, while the other will be sent to the backyard by host Julie Chen Moonves to take part in the latest Head of Household Competition.

Big Brother 21 spoilers: Endurance Challenge results

Season 21, Episode 23 will come to an end at roughly 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT and then it will get kicked over to the live feeds. It typically takes a few minutes to get things up and running, but everything should play out live for the feed subscribers.

The houseguest who wins the HOH Competition tonight on Big Brother is going to have power at just the right time in the game, as there was a split formed when Jack Matthews got evicted. With two strong alliances and a few houseguests caught in the middle, it will be important to endure this challenge for a long time.

Can Holly Allen win another Endurance Challenge? Does Jackson Michie have what it takes to last all night? Can Christie Murphy win on a night where she heard her name talked about a lot? Tune in here to find out the results as we relay them live to our readers.

If Holly or Michie do win, they already have a plan ready.

Head of Household Challenge begins!

The Endurance Challenge began right as the episode was coming to an end. It is indeed the sliding competition, where the houseguests have to transport liquid to a beer stein on the other side of the yard.

This could be really interesting, but it definitely favors the lighter and more athletic houseguests.

So far, Michie seems to be having the easiest time in the challenge, with Jessica and Cliff having a difficult time getting back up the slide.

This challenge has become almost a yearly event, with the person steadiest on their feet usually winning. That could have been Tommy, but he wasn’t allowed to play as the outgoing HOH.

With the feeds up and running, Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff were shown falling way behind. Michie was finding it easy to run back up the slide, with Nick, Holly, Analyse, and Christie also going strong.

The eight contestants are starting to talk about seeing their families in pictures, with Christie already nearly in tears speaking about it. Sis also just took a hard fall on the slide that may make her sore in a bit.

The chatter has now stopped and people are getting really focused on trying to win. Even Tommy is silent on the sidelines.

Jackson is the only houseguest not slowing down and he appears very keen on becoming the next Big Brother HOH.

Michie just revealed that it’s apple cider that they are transporting in the challenge, Christie is really slowing down, and Nick may have caught a second wind as he is back to running up the ramp.

Sis fell down hard again. So did Christie. Michie is also starting to slow down but is still working faster than everyone else. This is his challenge to lose, as he is pretty far ahead.

As Michie continues to pull ahead, the people not aligned with him are starting to look pretty depressed. They are already thinking about how the next round of Big Brother spoilers will reveal that two of them have been nominated.

Jackson Michie just won Head of Household.

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