Who plays Arkady on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast?

Kolcheck With NCIS LA Cast
Kolcheck has aided the NCIS: LA team a number of times over the years. Pic credit: CBS

Arkady Kolcheck returned to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast on Sunday night as G. Callen tried to meet with him about a very important topic.

The character of Arkady has evolved a bit over the years, but some viewers have noted that he has become a bit boring of late.

Arkady is also one of the few NCIS: LA cast members that have appeared in every season of the show.

A former KGB agent, he owns properties in quite a few major cities. Now, he serves basically as a confidential informant for Callen and often helps out in cases that involve Russia.

In the current storyline, Arkady is mostly seen as the father of Anna Kolcheck, who has been in a romantic relationship with Callen for a while.

In total, Arkady has now appeared in 22 episodes of the show, with his most recent appearance coming on the episode called Overdue.

During Overdue, Callen was trying to meet with Arkady about what looked to be an engagement ring. Arkady missed the first two meetings and Callen got cold feet the third time around.

Often times, Arkady has comedic interactions with Callen, with an almost familial relationship taking place.

Who plays Arkady on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast?

Actor Vyto Ruginis has played the character of Arkady Kolcheck all along, but over the years, he has also appeared on numerous other television shows and films.

An interesting tidbit is that Ruginis played Agent William Randall Hawkins on two episodes of JAG (Nobody’s Child, Meltdown). JAG was the show that led to the original NCIS, with the two main JAG stars (David James Elliott, Catherine Bell) recently guest-starring on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Other shows that Ruginis has appeared on in one episode stints include CSI: Miami, Boston Legal, Shameless, and Major Crimes. He also appeared in multiple episodes of ER, Law & Order, and Any Day Now.

On the big screen, Ruginis has played small parts in a lot of hit movies. That includes Moneyball (Pittaro), The Fast and the Furious (Harry), Broken Arrow (Johnson), and Casualties of War (prosecutor).

The scene below is Ruginis playing the boss of Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) as he goes undercover to try to get closer to Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) in The Fast and the Furious.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 news

Episode production for Season 12 of NCIS: Los Angeles just had to be delayed. A surge of COVID-19 cases in California has caused the studio to push back the date that the show will restart production this winter.

The season has already been shortened due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so hopefully, this delay doesn’t impact the show too much in the back end of Season 12. Unlike a lot of shows, though, NCIS: LA was able to air six episodes this fall. That wasn’t the case for shows like Chicago Fire, which only aired two episodes before the winter break.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays on CBS.

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