Who is Isabella Wang on Big Brother 21 cast? Reckless Bella is ready

Bella Wang On BB21 Cast
Isabella Wang has joined the Big Brother 21 cast for summer 2019. Pic credit: CBS

Isabella Wang has been named to the Big Brother 21 cast. Bella is one of the 16 houseguests that were revealed on Monday, giving fans something tangible about the upcoming season.

The announcement from CBS preceded former houseguest Jeff Schroeder doing pre-show interviews with each person on the BB21 cast. Bella sat down with Jeff to answer some questions about summer 2019.

Who is Isabella Wang on Big Brother Season 21 cast?

Bella calls herself a big fan of the show and she looks to bring a positive attitude to the game. She has 13 tattoos and states that she is bringing a lot of love into the game, as well.

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Regarding potential downfalls to her game, she is worried about her memory. Indeed, that could be a rough road for her, as there are a number of competitions based on remembering what has happened.

Bella is a public health analyst from Mount Olive, New Jersey, but currently lives in Los Angeles. She calls herself reckless, generous, and spontaneous. Being reckless could certainly make her an entertaining member of the BB21 cast.

A person who feels that she was born to play this game, Bella could be a really interesting houseguest. Her interview went well and she is going to be working hard at selling herself in the game. She feels she has the mental and physical game necessary to win.

The wait for Big Brother season premiere nearly over

As outlined in the BB21 schedule, the season premiere is at 8/7c on Tuesday, June 25. It’s a one-hour presentation on a new day, where the CBS audience will get to meet the new cast.

The new cast makes it look like Big Brother 21 could be a very intriguing season. Just from the pre-show interviews, it seems that casting director Robyn Kass did a great job at putting together a unique group of houseguests.

Big Brother returns to CBS with new episodes for summer 2019.

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