Who is Analyse Talavera from Big Brother 21 season?

Analyse And Jack On BB21
Analyse Talavera with showmance partner Jack Matthews in Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Analyse Talavera joined the Big Brother 21 cast and has survived through the first half of the season. She still has high hopes of making it all the way to the final episode and winning the $500,000 prize.

Early in the 2019 season, Analyse became involved in a showmance with Jack Matthews in the house. When Jack became the Head of Household, she spent many nights by his side up in the HOH room.

Analyse was also part of several large alliances in the house, including the Six Shooters and a nine-person evolution of that group. When the Six Shooters were broken up, Analyse remained working with Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy, but also seemed to be getting much closer with Nick Maccarone.

When Analyse began sleeping in the same bed as Nick each night, it was not something that his girlfriend (Bella Wang) liked seeing on social media. That could lead to some drama when the season has come to a close.

Who was Analyse Talavera before joining Big Brother 21 cast?

The 22-year-old from California called herself a soccer star on her pre-show bio. She also stated that she was funny, outgoing, and confident, which are certainly three words that could still describe her in the house.

Analyse stated that the most difficult part about being in the house (for her) was going to be the separation from her dog, Fergie. She also felt it would be hard to not know what was going on in the world.

When asked about who her favorite former houseguests were, Analyse named Dick Donato, Daniele Donato, and Tyler Crispen. She saw a lot of herself in Daniele and felt that Tyler had played “one of the best games in Big Brother history.”

Inside the Big Brother 21 house, Analyse has not had a lot of success in challenges. While she found the right alliances and a showmance partner to help her get this far in the game, if she wants to escape getting sent to the BB21 jury, she will have to start winning competitions soon.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening.

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