Who got voted off Survivor last week? Two Tribal Council results

Aaron And Jeff Survivor
Jeff Probst awards Aaron Meredith with the Immunity Necklace on the Eighth and Ninth episodes of Survivor: Island of Idols. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Fans were treated to two episodes of Survivor last week. With all of the controversy and drama that took place, though, viewers may not remember that two people were voted out at separate Tribal Councils.

Here is a full recap of the drama that involved Dan Spilo, Kellee Kim, Missy Byrd, and Elizabeth Beisel for viewers that ended up missing Episode 8 and 9 for Season 39.

As for the results from the Tribal Councils, two more people were sent to the Survivor: Island of the Idols jury. They joined Jack Nichting, who became the first jury participant by being blindsided during Episode 7.

Who got voted off Survivor last week?

At the first Tribal Council of the evening, there were still 13 people left in the game. It presented an odd number of castaways and it meant that it should have been easy to pick one target for elimination.

This is where the theme of the season kicked in again, though, as another person got blindsided. Earlier in the episode, Kellee found a Hidden Immunity Idol that she could use to save herself. It gave her another advantage in the game and could secure her safety.

At Tribal Council, Kellee failed to see that she was being targeted and elected to not play an Idol. That was a mistake. A huge mistake. By an 8-5 vote over Dan Spilo, Kellee Kim was voted off Survivor.

At the second Tribal Council, some of the drama had died down a bit, but some of it was still boiling over back at camp. That included Janet Carbin almost quitting the game due to what had been going on.

There were several important moments that led up to the vote. Jamal Shipman lost his vote due to the Island of the Idols, putting him in a tough spot at the upcoming Tribal Council.

Before the votes were read by host Jeff Probst, Janet played an Idol to save herself. That ended up canceling out two votes, showing her that there were, indeed, people plotting against her. Still.

In the final count, Jamal Shipman was voted off of Survivor by a 6-3 vote over Karishma Patel. Jamal became the third member of the Island of the Idols jury.

The show returns next Wednesday night with an all-new episode on CBS.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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