Survivor 39 cast: Kellee Kim releases statement about Dan Spilo’s removal

Survivor 39 cast member Kellee Kim made a long post on Twitter after she watched Dan Spilo getting removed from the show. At the end of the episode on Wednesday night, it was revealed that Dan had been kicked off the show. Host Jeff Probst spoke briefly with the final five castaways, detailing how Dan


Who got voted off Survivor last week? Two Tribal Council results

Fans were treated to two episodes of Survivor last week. With all of the controversy and drama that took place, though, viewers may not remember that two people were voted out at separate Tribal Councils. Here is a full recap of the drama that involved Dan Spilo, Kellee Kim, Missy Byrd, and Elizabeth Beisel for


Survivor unwanted touching drama turns off some fans

The latest episodes of Survivor brought a lot of drama to CBS, and there was even a moment where production had to interfere with the game to address unwanted touching. It all started when Kellee Kim stated that she was uncomfortable around Dan Spilo and the way that he had made physical contact with her.