Who got evicted on Big Brother tonight? BB21 jury gets new member

Nicole Relaxes On BB21
Nicole Anthony relaxing in Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The houseguest who got evicted on Big Brother tonight may have been a surprise to a lot of CBS viewers. When Jackson Michie won the Endurance Challenge, he was able to target Christie Murphy, who he wanted out of the house for a while.

On Wednesday night, CBS viewers learned that Jackson Michie had won the Power of Veto as well. This allowed him to keep the power and leave Christie and Analyse Talavera on the block.

That Veto Ceremony took place back on Monday, though, and it was followed by a big fight between Nick Maccarone and Christie during Tuesday night dinner. That fight may have changed everything.

Christie made it seem like Nick was a huge threat and that people needed to keep her around to go after him next week. At first, it didn’t seem to work, but as the week went on, seeds of doubt rooted in the minds of BB21 cast members.

Who got evicted on Big Brother tonight?

Analyse Talavera just got evicted from Big Brother tonight. CBS viewers who had only been keeping up with the television episodes never saw this one coming. Jackson had stuck with his vocal plan to get Christie out of the game and the episodes hadn’t hinted at anything else taking place.

It was a 5-1 vote. Only Nick voted for Christie.

During Episode 26 on August 22, producers showed how Christie had seemingly manifested her survival in the game. Somehow, Analyse turned from a person willing to sit on the block as a pawn to someone who was sent to join Kathryn Dunn and Jack Matthews in the BB21 jury house.

Is there a Double Eviction coming up soon? Fans on social media seem to think so. It could certainly shake things up in the game again, but first, it was time to send Analyse Talavera to the BB21 jury. Another pawn “went home.”

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Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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