When is The Witcher Season 2 coming out?

Henry Cavill as Geralt from The Witcher
Henry Cavill as Geralt from The Witcher. Pic credit: Netflix

With Game of Thrones riding in the rearview mirror, Netflix has capitalized on the timing of the HBO hit to bring that same audience’s attention to The Witcher.

Now that the first season is out and most viewers have had time to digest the ambitiousness of the 8 episodes, naturally they’re ready for more.

So, the question going forward is when will The Witcher return and how long do we have to wait? Surely, it will not be as long as the extensive pause period between Mindhunter Season 1 and 2, right?

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Here is when to possibly expect Season 2 of The Witcher and whether the show has been renewed.


When is The Witcher Season 2 coming out?

Fans of The Witcher who haven’t been watching all the coverage of Netflix’s hit show will be pleased to know the show has been renewed for Season 2. And this happened before the show even made its public debut on the streaming service.

This might be good news but those who are impatient will be disappointed to hear that the wait might be a long one.

According to Variety,  the second installment “will begin production in London early in 2020, for a planned debut in 2021.”

To put this in perspective, Deadline reported that The Witcher Season 1 began filming in October 2018 and did not release until December 2019. So, with no official start date in sight, it could be a year and a half or more before Season 2. Possibly around spring or summer of 2021.

The Witcher Season 2 plot details

The first season pulled from Andrzej Sapkowski’s books The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny. It’s also said to mix a part of Blood of Elves as well. In an interview with ComicBook.com executive producer Tomek Baginski explained these stories had too much to fit into one season, so it’s possible we may get more before we dive into the main Witcher saga.

Viewers who were confused by the scrambled egg storytelling of the first season will be happy to know season 2 is expected to be linear in comparison. Speaking to Gamesradar, Lauren Hissrich, showrunner for The Witcher told the site:

“What’s great about season two, I can tell you, is that, in what we’ve written, the story becomes much more focused. There’s a stronger drive in the story, because all of the relationships that we’ve been setting up in season one, actually start to come into fruition in season two.”

The news should be a relief for the fans who want to see the story of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer unfold. And the approach makes sense considering all of their destinies finally collided at the end of season 1.

As of now though, details for the second season are still vague but stay tuned at Monsters & Critics for updates about The Witcher Season 2.

The Witcher Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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