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When is The Walking Dead season finale? Fans to be disappointed

Daryl And Judith
The fates of Judith Grimes and Daryl Dixon will remain up in the air on The Walking Dead Season 10. Pic credit: AMC

The Walking Dead season finale was supposed to be on Sunday, April 12. Instead, the coronavirus pandemic has altered the schedule at AMC.

As we recently reported, AMC made a huge announcement about the Season 10 finale. And it’s not what fans of the hit show wanted to hear as the Whisperer War gets going.

When is The Walking Dead season finale?

According to the people behind the show, Season 10, Episode 16 isn’t even done. While the scenes may have been filmed, the finale production of a show like this one takes a bit of additional work.

Production was shut down, though, leaving the final episode for Season 10 unfinished. This has raised a lot of questions about how it will be presented, as well as when that is going to take place.

AMC has not revealed any hints about when the Season 10 finale for The Walking Dead will air on television. All we know at this point is that it will air at a later date.

Having such an open-ended answer to the question isn’t going to be enjoyable for anyone, but fans need to know that AMC and the producers of the show don’t like it any better than the rest of us.

They would prefer to present it to viewers right now.

Schedule for The Walking Dead franchise on tilt

April 12 was supposed to include more than the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead. It was also supposed to be the night where the series premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Unfortunately, AMC pulled World Beyond from the schedule, upending a plan that the network had in place to air continuous episodes of the trio of shows deep into 2020.

In an ideal world, the TWD Season 10 finale was going to lead right into Season 1 of World Beyond, which would then give way to a Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead.

Having that much programming through the spring and summer months could have been a really exciting endeavor for the network. If it was done just right, they could have even led it right up to the Season 11 premiere of TWD.

Instead, fans are going to have to wait patiently, because we aren’t going to get to see the season finale for The Walking Dead Season 10 for a long time.

When it finally does arrive, though, it could be a special event for the network.

Until that time, the network is going to debut Killing Eve Season 3 earlier than expected.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.