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When is the next episode of Chicago Fire Season 9?

Chicago Fire just aired Season 9, Episode 7 on Wednesday night and it was another good one. Severide and Casey were out investigating a case of arson, Cruz and Chloe got even closer with the revelation that they are having a baby boy, and some new relationship drama was sparked by Sylvie Brett re-entering the dating scene.

Lieutenant Grainger (played by Jon-Michael Ecker on the show) made a move to let Brett know that he was interested. At first, she was hesitant, basically telling him that the recent string of bad luck in relationships had turned her off to even dating. After a pep talk from Stella Kidd, though, Brett got bold, went to Grainger’s firehouse, and proceeded to ask him out on a date.

When Chicago Fire returns with new episodes in 2021, it is presumed that Brett and Grainger will already be dating. That is unless the writers want to wait a while to show us how that first date ends up going. But, it definitely takes the possibility of Brett and Matthew Casey getting together off the table. For now.

There are also some questions about what is going on with Blake Gallo and Gianna Mackey, with Gallo acting a bit goofy after he convinced himself that Mackey was only interested in danger and/or a bad boy. He seems to be taking dating advice from Casey and Kelly Severide, where he refuses to actually talk to the woman before acting corny and off-putting.

When does Chicago Fire return with new 2021 episodes?

We aren’t completely sure when NBC plans to air the next episode of Chicago Fire. The network only nails down its schedule a few weeks in advance and there are no new episodes of Chicago Fire on the schedule for a while.

NBC is airing repeat episodes of Chicago Fire on February 24 and March 3, suggesting that the earliest we could see Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 8 would be on Wednesday, March 10. Don’t write that down in pen, though, because we still need to get confirmation from NBC on the drop date.

At least we were all left with another good episode before the latest One Chicago hiatus begins at the network.

Chicago Fire ratings remain strong

The latest episode of Chicago Fire turned in great ratings again. It helped win the night for NBC in terms of total viewers and that is something that One Chicago has been great at doing for years.

Chicago Fire is the most-watched show on Wednesday nights, showing how smart it was by NBC to order several seasons of the show in advance. It means we have a lot of future episodes of the show to look forward to, even though there is another hiatus taking place between new content.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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