When is Grey’s Anatomy coming back? Season 17 return date postponed

Grey's Anatomy Beach
The Grey’s Anatomy beach from Season 17 has become very memorable. Pic credit: ABC

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 left viewers with a huge cliffhanger this fall. The show went into its long winter hiatus without fans knowing whether Meredith Grey was going to survive her hospital stay.

As a reminder, during the fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith seemed to be getting better. But by the end of the episode, she had to be placed on a ventilator by Richard Webber, who had recently been given her power of attorney.

Fans really want to know what’s going to happen with Meredith, especially with even more rumors floating around that this could be the final season of Grey’s Anatomy. Former star Patrick Dempsey even gave some cryptic answers to questions about the future of the show during a recent interview.

Now, the wait for the Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 return date has been extended, with ABC postponing the 2021 episodes of its Thursday night lineup. That’s not great news for fans of Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, or A Million Little Things, because the winter hiatus has already seemed extremely long.

When is Grey’s Anatomy coming back in 2021?

The next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 will air on March 11. The plan had been to have the shows back on the air by March 4, but that didn’t end up working within the schedule of production.

And don’t forget, March 11 is another crossover event for Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, so it’s going to be a block of shows that you don’t want to miss. A suggestion, though, is to re-watch the fall finales of both shows before diving into the ones this spring.

Excited to learn what the next crossover event is going to entail? Below is the sneak peek that ABC released in advance of the big day. And from these early scenes, you will see why we highly recommend re-watching the fall finales again before March 11.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 very memorable

Quite a few memorable events have already taken place this season on Grey’s Anatomy. At the top of that list has to be all of the returning characters from the past. We are hoping that even more names will get added to that list in the back half of Season 17, but ABC and the show’s writers are trying to keep that all under wraps.

If it does turn out that this is the final season of the show, you will not want to miss a moment of each episode that airs this spring. For fans who don’t want the show to end, at least the actress who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey agrees with you. Chandra Wilson recently stood up for fans and said that ending the show during a pandemic would be a disservice to the viewers.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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