When Calls the Heart gets a spinoff: Here’s what to know about When Hope Calls

Gabriel and Lillian from When Hope Calls
RJ Hatanaka and Morgan Kohan as Gabriel and Lillian on When Hope Calls. Pic credit: @whenhopecalls/Instagram

After a lot of changes in the last season of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, fans are ready to see what’s in store for the upcoming season later this month. However, that isn’t the only thing coming to Hallmark.

Fans will be able to watch the spinoff series When Hope Calls after When Calls the Heart starting on February 23. With both series showing together, fans want to know what is so special about When Hope Calls?

What is When Hope Calls about?

When Hope Calls was first available through Hallmark’s streaming service, Hallmark Movies Now. Fans that do not have access to the streaming service will be able to visit the pioneer town of Brookfield on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday nights.

Entertainment Tonight spoke with cast members of When Hope Calls to get a better idea of what the show has in store for Hallmark viewers. The interviews include Morgan Kohan who plays Lillian and Jocelyn Hudon as Grace as they give fans a great idea of the setting for the show.

When Hope Calls is centered around sisters Lillian and Grace. After being apart for several years, the two are trying to find happiness and romance while overcoming hardships, such as finding a middle ground between traditional life and ambitions of growth. The sisters run an orphanage together, which seems to create a lot of growth and great moments between the two.

Fans get to know the veterinarian, Chuck, and the Mountie, Gabriel, as the show progresses. Chuck has a romantic interest in Grace, while Mountie Gabriel has his sights set on Lillian.

Much like When Calls the Heart, When Hope Calls really shows how strong the bonds of family and friends are. Kohan believes the show will “give people a chance to appreciate their own families and the people that they have in their lives because you see other people from different views and different walks of life and the struggles that people go through.”

Being a spinoff of When Calls the Heart, fans can be hopeful that they will really enjoy When Hope Calls when it airs on the Hallmark Channel later this month.

When will When Calls the Heart and When Hope Calls be back?

After the struggles of  Season 6 in When Calls the Heart, fans are ready to see what Season 7 has in store. And this time, fans have When Hope Calls to look forward to as well.

Characters were not the only thing that changed for When Calls the Heart last season. The show received a new show time last season as well, pushing the show time back to 9/8c.

There have been more changes to the show time, as When Calls the Heart will be airing at 8/7c and When Hope Calls will follow directly at 9/8c on February 23.

Fans will be able to see the newest season of When Calls the Heart begin and shortly after, be able to enjoy When Hope Calls. Whether this is the first time fans have seen When Hope Calls or if they were able to stream it before, many people are excited to have the two shows back to back.

When Calls the Heart will air on February 23 at 8/7c  and When Hope Calls will air at 9/8c on Hallmark.

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