What happened to Vance on NCIS? Is Rocky Carroll leaving the show?

Rocky Carroll as Director Vance on NCIS
Rocky Carroll as Director Vance on NCIS. Is he leaving the show? Pic credit: CBS

Questions about what happened to Vance on NCIS abound. There are also questions about Whether Rocky Carroll is leaving the show this season. Many of these inquiries were made on social media before and during the October 9 episode of the show.

CBS aired Episode 3 of Season 16 on Tuesday night, which dealt with a celebrity couple on the show. The NCIS team had to investigate a bomber who had an infatuation with a woman from a fictitious reality show. While the team was searching for leads and suspects, Director Vance was continuing his physical therapy.

What happened to Vance on NCIS?

At the end of Season 15, NCIS Director Leon Vance was kidnapped by a terrorist. It tied into a story from the past of Bishop, who had been rescued by Vance from a group of terrorists. Vance and his team killed the brothers of the main villain, leading to several acts of vengeance in response.

To open Season 16, the new NCIS team had to try to track down Vance and save his life. It was a rough experience, leading to what happened to Vance becoming an integral part of the storyline. While his life was saved, he was left battered and bruised, forcing him into recovery while Gibbs ran the team.

Is Rocky Carroll leaving the show?

Actor Rocky Carroll has played Director Leon Vance on the show since 2008. Though he came on board about five years after NCIS began on CBS, he has been an important character. While the October 9 episode ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, with someone investigating him, Rocky Carroll isn’t going anywhere.

Fans should expect Rocky Carroll to be around as Director Leon Vance for many more episodes of the show. In fact, due to the way that the October 9 episode came to a close, it appears that he is going to play a very important role in an intriguing subplot for a part of Season 16.

NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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