What happened to Riggs on Lethal Weapon, and why did he leave? Here’s why character died

Riggs played by Clayne Crawford on Season 2 of Lethal Weapon. Pic credit: FOX
Riggs played by Clayne Crawford on Season 2 of Lethal Weapon. Pic credit: FOX

What happened to Riggs on Lethal Weapon may have been very unexpected by a lot of viewers but it probably needed to happen for the show to survive. Clayne Crawford, the actor who played Martin Riggs on the television version of Lethal Weapon, was fired by the producers of the show.

Drama on the set surrounded Crawford. His behavior, including an on-set argument with co-star Damon Wayans, led to two separate reprimands from the network.

Crawford was accused of bullying other actors on set and it was even said that he made women cry!

In the end, Clayne Crawford was fired from Lethal Weapon. This led to the decision to kill off his character, rather than has someone else try to step into the role of Riggs on the show.

What happened to Riggs on Lethal Weapon?

At the end of Season 2, Riggs is shot by his half-brother. Typically, when a new season of a show like this begins, the character springs back to life after some recovery.

The writers didn’t mess around. In the Season 3 premiere, Riggs is pronounced dead.

The cause of death for Riggs was due to anaphylactic shock from the bullet wound. It is revealed very early in the season premiere, opening the door for a time jump and for a new character to join the show.

Sean William Scott steps up as Roger Murtaugh’s (Damon Wayans) new partner. Wesley Cole is an ex-CIA agent that brings his own mystery and drama to the show. He is also crazy enough to help fill the void left by the lack of Riggs.

Riggs and Murtaugh during Season 2 of Lethal Weapon. Pic credit: Fox
Riggs and Murtaugh during Season 2 of Lethal Weapon. Pic credit: Fox

Will Lethal Weapon escape getting canceled?

Keesha Sharp, who plays Trisha Murtaugh on Lethal Weapon, says that before Seann William Scott joined the cast, she was told the FOX series was going to be canceled. Now, with even more possible shakeups with the cast, there has been concern that it really might happen this time.

It was previously reported that Damon Wayans wanted to leave the show. The schedule was rough on him, and the news came soon after rumors that Fox would cancel Lethal Weapon.

While the show is still at risk, two additional episodes were ordered by the network. There are now 15 episodes for Season 3, with the ratings to determine whether the network ends up renewing the series for Season 4.

Lethal Weapon airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox.

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2 years ago

This is so stupid I want real proof from the people who said Crawford did horrible things. the show is so much with him then what’s his name who replace Crawford #MurtaughandRiggsisbetter#theshowisnowlameandboringwithoutcrazyriggs

2 years ago

Without Riggs it’s just not the same. Even if Riggs went to move with Molly and be safe…. He can’t just die, he’s far too important to the entirety of this show. Please bring Riggs back, no respect to Rog…. It’s just not the same without Riggs #heartbroken #bringriggsback