Who plays Gutierrez on Lethal Weapon cast? Paola Lázaro is Bailey’s new partner

Paola Lázaro is the actress who plays Gutierrez on the Lethal Weapon cast. She made her debut during the third season of the hit Fox show. First appearing in the episode called Panama, Luisa “The Gute” Gutierrez showed up as Murtaugh (Damon Wayans), Cole (Seann William Scott), and Bailey (Michelle Mitchenor) were investigating an armed robbery.

Lethal Weapon canceled? Damon Wayans quits show

Damon Wayans just quit Lethal Weapon. There had been rumors of Lethal Weapon getting canceled in the past, and those are sure to pop up again. This marks the second star of the show to be lost during Season 3 on FOX. On Wednesday, a report from TMZ relayed the statements from Wayans. Wayans added

Will Martin Riggs avenge his wife in Lethal Weapon Season 2?

As Lethal Weapon returns to television for Season 2 we’ll finally get some answers to the questions that left us hanging in the Season 1 finale. In the last season, Riggs finally learned the truth about what happened to his late wife, but his source came via his father-in-law Delgado — who was pretty much