Who plays Erica Malick and her mom, Senator Malick, on Lethal Weapon? Nishi Munshi and Anna Khaja return as guest stars

Nishi Munshi as Erica Malick on Lethal Weapon cast
Nishi Munshi as Erica Malick on Lethal Weapon cast. Pic credit: Fox

The Lethal Weapon cast guest stars Nishi Munshi again, in an all-new episode of the show. The cast is also joined by Anna Khaja, who plays her mother, in what could be a very comedic storyline.

Munshi plays Erica Malick, who has been hinted at as a new love interest for Cole (Seann William Scott). This has been an intriguing new character on the show, with a lot of possibility should she remain on the Lethal Weapon cast.

According to Fox, Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) gets to take a family vacation, though it is likely to be interrupted. At the same time, Cole is forced to investigate a murder on his own.

This is when Erica’s mother comes to town, which is going to stir up a lot of drama and humor.

Who is Erica Malick on Lethal Weapon cast?

Actress Nishi Munshi has guest-starred on a number of other television shows before joining the Lethal Weapon cast. Those shows include Rosewood, Bones, and as Gia on The Originals. This might be her best role to date and she has worked well opposite Seann William Scott.

Who is Senator Malick on Lethal Weapon cast?

Actress Anna Khaja is also back, playing Senator Donna Malick in the new episode. She also plays the mother of Erica and is a very important person in the world of this show. Khaja has also been on a lot of other television shows, playing Sita Parrish on Quantico, Manisha Al-Jamil on The Good Place, and Zaafire on True Blood.

This new episode has the opportunity to further a relationship between Cole and Erica, but only time will tell.

Most shows like this eventually reunite the main characters with past loves, but Cole’s former wife is engaged to be married soon to another man. Will Erica and Cole become a true item? Tune in to find out!

Lethal Weapon airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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