Lethal Weapon cast: Alicia Silverstone, Maggie Lawson confuse some viewers

Maggie Lawson plays Natalie Flynn on the Lethal Weapon cast
Maggie Lawson plays Natalie Flynn on the Lethal Weapon cast. Pic credit: Hallmark

The Lethal Weapon cast has a number of new actors and actresses for Season 3 of the show. When Clayne Crawford was fired from his role as Martin Riggs, the creators of the show had to make some big changes.

In addition to Seann William Scott stepping into the role of Wesley Cole, they had to present a love interest for him. In this case, it was actress Maggie Lawson, who plays his ex-wife, Natalie Flynn.

Some confusion has been created, as a number of viewers felt they saw Alicia Silverstone on Lethal Weapon. Maybe it was the way that Lawson appeared or the way the character wore her hair in a new episode, but it convinced some people that Silverstone was on the screen.

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Alicia Silverstone not part of Lethal Weapon cast

In the video above, actress Maggie Lawson is shown during a Season 3 Lethal Weapon episode. Below is a recent appearance that Alicia Silverstone made on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Alicia Silverstone Responds to Clueless Rumors

There are definitely some similarities between Maggie Lawson and Alicia Silverstone, but they are also definitely two different people. Silverstone is known for her roles in films like Clueless, Batman and Robin, and Blast From the Past.

Maggie Lawson is better known for her time on television, appearing on shows like Party of Five, Family Rules, and Boy Meets World earlier in her career. Her biggest role may have been as Juliet O’Hara during the run of Psych on USA Network.

Lawson has also appeared as a recurring character on Two and a Half Men, Angel From Hell, Santa Clarita Diet, and The Ranch. Recently, she has been seen in the Hallmark TV movie called The Story of Us. Maggie Lawson has been a great addition to the Lethal Weapon cast, even though she is not Alicia Silverstone.

Lethal Weapon airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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