Lethal Weapon canceled? Damon Wayans quits show

Damon Wayans and Seann William Scott on Lethal Weapon
Damon Wayans and Seann William Scott on Lethal Weapon. Pic credit: FOX

Damon Wayans just quit Lethal Weapon. There had been rumors of Lethal Weapon getting canceled in the past, and those are sure to pop up again. This marks the second star of the show to be lost during Season 3 on FOX.

On Wednesday, a report from TMZ relayed the statements from Wayans. Wayans added some comedy to his announcement, stating that he is too old for this. It’s a famous tagline from the Danny Glover version of character Roger Murtaugh.

“I’m going to be quitting the show in December. I’m a 58-year-old diabetic and I’m working 16-hour days.”

Wayans went on to say that he is “too old for this.” As for his plans post-Lethal Weapon, Wayans says he plans to return to theater and to “try and find” his smile again. It sounds like he’s not happy working on the FOX series.

Damon Wayans quits after Clayne Crawford fired

It was front-page news when Clayne Crawford, who played Martin Riggs on the show, was fired by producers. Problems on the set led to that dismissal. It had included Crawford being in charge of an episode where Wayans was injured on set.

Could Damon Wayans just get replaced on Lethal Weapon?

After 40 episodes as Murtaugh and Riggs, the partnership between Wayans and Crawford came to an end with the Season 2 finale. To open Season 3, Seann William Scott was brought on board as Wesley Cole. He has a full-season commitment of 22 episodes, but so does Wayans.

It will be very interesting to see what happens due to the announcement that Wayans just made. His decision to quit the show is going to leave a lot of things up in the air.

Will FOX simply pull the plug on the second half of Season 3? Or could they look to cast someone to replace Wayans in the same way that Crawford got replaced?

Stay tuned folks and enjoy the all-new episodes of Lethal Weapon, which are still on the FOX schedule this fall.

Lethal Weapon airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on FOX. 

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