What happened to Gabby Dawson on Chicago Fire, why did she leave?

Gabby Dawson on her final episode of Chicago Fire
Gabby Dawson on her final episode of Chicago Fire. Pic credit: NBC

Actress Monica Raymund starred as Gabby Dawson on Chicago Fire for a number of years — so what happened to her, and why did she leave the show?

Raymund left the series at the end of Season 6, but her character appeared in the Season 7 premiere as a way to really wrap up that storyline.

It was a rough time for Gabby’s husband, Matthew Casey, played by Jesse Spencer on the show. However, the writers did a great job at ending that particular story arc in a way that did justice to both characters.

What happened to Gabby Dawson on Chicago Fire?

At the end of Season 6, Gabby was given the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico to help with hurricane efforts. At first, she didn’t want to leave Matt in the lurch, but, eventually, she started to realize that she really needed to do this for herself.

The character was suddenly gone during the season finale, shocking many viewers who had thought she would simply stick around in Chicago. To open up Season 7, she FaceTimed with Matt from Puerto Rico, stating how she has been making such a huge difference for the people down there.

Toward the end of the Season 7 premiere, Matt comes home in a depressed state but finds that Gabby is home. She has come by to pack up her stuff, but it lets Monica Raymund have one final scene with Jesse Spencer, as they hug and send the character of Gabby off the show for good.

Why did Gabby leave Chicago Fire?

Gabby’s character was written out of the show after Raymund revealed back in May that she would be leaving, in a move which caught producers by surprise.  She announced the news to fans in a message she posted on Twitter, saying she wanted to “move on to the next chapter in life”.

It was later revealed that she is set to star in new Starz series P-Town.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.