Westworld recap: The identities of Dolores’ five brain balls are revealed

Ed Harris as the Man in Black and Katja Herbers as Emily
Ed Harris as the Man in Black and Katja Herbers as Emily. Pic credit: HBO

Episode 4 of Westworld Season 3 opens with William (Ed Harris), also known as the Man in Black, claiming he knows who he is but is, just quietly, losing his sh*t.

His daughter, Emily (Katja Herbers), then steps in to taunt him even further by reminding him that he has caused the death of everyone around him.

Then, Fake Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) turns up, and he wants to kill her too. Charlotte is on top of that sh*t and jumps straight into work as she alerts him to the goings-on of Serac (Vincent Cassel) trying to steal Delos.

She also lets him know that there is a mole inside Delos.

Additionally, she has a secret buyer who can take a bigger chunk of Delos than Serac has and eliminate the problem. However, she needs him to dress up and look pretty for the function she’s holding.

However, this is a bit of ruse, as Fake Charlotte reveals she knows all about William’s little chats with his dead daughter, and she is here to announce that he has been committed.

Oh, and his shares in Delos now belong to her thanks to him being committed.

The Man in Black is now the Man in White. While he mopes around his new cell, Dolores turns up, Dolores dressed as she did in the theme park.

She talks of how Emily wanted her dad committed, that it was her last wish. She also taunts him about his own reality.

When he asks her if he is “still me,” Dolores welcomes him to the end of the game.

However, as Vulture points out, all of the Man in Black’s story has been told entirely from his perspective in this episode. So, perhaps that will change things moving forward.

Thandie Newton stars as Maeve
Thandie Newton stars as Maeve. Pic credit: HBO

Serac negotiates with Maeve

Engerraund Serac (Vincent Cassel) is chatting with Maeve (Thandie Newton). They’re in Singapore, which doesn’t impress Maeve at all.

Serac starts monologuing about how Dolores has all the good stuff regarding a complete map of the human mind, and he wants Maeve to help get that information from Dolores.

He dangles the fact that Maeve could live in her own world with her daughter if only she does one thing for him.

He then takes Maeve to the “divergence” point, which is actually Bernard’s house where Dolores remade herself — and others, Serac points out.

Serac also has a hostage — the man who received a large sum of money from the death Dolores caused in the Season 3 premiere of Westworld to get enough money to play in the real world.

Using a simulation of what will happen to the guy’s family, Serac quickly finds out that Dolores needed five identities. Once Serac has this information, he kills the man.

Serac then convinces Maeve to try and track down Dolores’ five identities, of which she does because Serac has the off switch for her kind and, well, she wants to stay alive.

Maeve is wandering around Singapore, looking for a woman called the Mortician. Once she meets with her, she starts plying the Mortician for information about Dolores’ identity as well as the bodies someone helped her to smuggle out.

Maeve then announces that she’s like an introduction.

It is at this point that Maeve discovers that the man she wants to meet with, Sato, is a blast from her past time in Samurai World, by way of the host called Musashi (Hiroyuki Sanada).

He is now on Team Dolores, and Maeve suspects it’s Teddy (James Marsden) inside this host.

Aaron Paul as Caleb and Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores
Aaron Paul as Caleb and Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores. Pic credit: John P. Johnson

Dolores and Caleb organize a heist

Cue Caleb, trying on fancy clothes like he is inside GTA 5 and not enjoying the opportunity to dress up pretty-like. Once done, though, he and Dolores enact a scam to get inside a bank.

Using the blood of a guy who works there, Caleb is injected for the encryption code held within, which acts as a key pass to get access to the bank account they want to loot.

Dolores and Caleb get into the bank easily and, after a slight hiccup, get the money withdrawn from Liam Dempsey Jr’s (John Gallagher Jr.) account and head on out to some fancy party.

At a function, Liam arrives, and when he attempts to make a purchase, he discovers his account has been cleared out. Dolores and Caleb step in to nab him, but Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) grab him before they can.

Caleb catches up with Bernard and insists on taking Liam. Then Fake Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan) turns up, and Liam thinks everything is okay — until Connells kills his guards and approaches them.

He tells Liam to run, which he does. He also tells Caleb to p*ss off, and only Bernard is left. it’s not long after that that he works out whose brain ball is inside Connells’ head.

Evan Rachel Woods stars as Dolores
Evan Rachel Woods stars as Dolores. Pic credit: HBO

Finally, the identities of the brain balls are revealed

As this week’s episode of Westworld marches towards the end, everyone seems to work out all at once whose brain balls Dolores brought out of the park in the Season 2 finale of Westworld.

And, it turns out that she brought only copies of herself.

Because, who else can a girl trust?

While everyone is notably shocked, Maeve is p*ssed as f*ck about this because Dolores is building a world for herself and no one else.

She and Fake Musashi fight, then, and Maeve is eventually stabbed through. Musashi is about to cut open Maeve’s head and make her really dead.

However, his guards inform him that trouble has arrived, and he leaves before he can complete the task.

Which means that Maeve lives to fight another day.

Westworld Season 3 returns with Episode 5 on Sunday, April 12, at 9/8c on HBO.

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