Westworld recap: Fake Charlotte looks for a mole in Delos as Caleb and Dolores become besties

Tessa Thompson stars as Charlotte Hale
Tessa Thompson stars as Charlotte Hale. Pic credit: HBO

The latest episode of Westworld opens with Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) in the middle of the uprising, recording a message on one of the hosts.

Now, in the present day, she is bought back online by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood). She freaks out a bit before remembering who she is, which is some undisclosed host that Dolores stole from the theme park before escaping.

As NME points out, it’s likely Teddy (James Marsden) in there, but for now, he hasn’t shown up this season. Instead, Dolores tasks the host with portraying Fake Charlotte and getting all the dirt they possibly can regarding Delos and the new group, Incite Inc.

As Fake Charlotte is pretending to be Real Charlotte, there appears to be a little overlap, and the fake develops a soft spot for the real one. She brings this up with Dolores, who starts messing with the host’s functions and telling Fake Charlotte that everything will be okay.

Fake Charlotte also discovers the real Charlotte is a pretty sh*tty person, most notably, with her son, Nathan. And, the kicker here is that Nathan seems to legit know that his mother is not the real sh*tty one he is used to.

So, determined to do better, Fake Charlotte keeps viewing a message the real Charlotte left for her son. It’s here that she realizes she needs to sing her son a song before bed to get him to believe that she’s “really” his mom.

Kudos to Fake Charlotte, who totally steps up Real Charlotte’s game when she discovers an older dude is hitting on him using his dog as bait.

Fake Charlotte then deals with him. Oops, now he’s dead and now Nathan has a pet dog.

Tessa Thompson stars as Charlotte Hale
Tessa Thompson stars as Charlotte Hale. Pic credit: HBO

The plot thickens at Delos as a mole is sought, and a majority holder is discovered

As Collider points out, Engerraund Serac (Vincent Cassel) has been buying up Delos stocks and now owns 38 percent of the company.

This can’t be good news, and Charlotte wants to find out all she can about Serac.

Also, Delos is sure there is a mole within their ranks feeding information to Serac. So, Fake Charlotte is determined to find out who that mole is.

Speaking of not good things, Charlotte keeps getting white noise messages.

However, it takes some time for her to work out that it is secret coding. Once she discovers this, she leaves a message asking to meet with the mysterious person.

Her car immediately responds and, surprise, that person is Serac. She also realizes that she is the mole.

She immediately starts playing the game, and that’s when she learns that the encryption key is inside Dolores, and she has very little time in which to locate her for Serac.

Aaron Paul stars as Caleb
Aaron Paul stars as Caleb. Pic credit: HBO

Dolores and Caleb form a bond

There appears to be a little time-hoping regarding Dolores, who appears just fine when she is with Fake Charlotte.

However, she is a real mess when viewers first see her with Caleb (Aaron Paul), which ties into where she was left in the Season 3 premiere episode of Westworld.

Caleb has called an ambulance, but Dolores’ mechanics are throwing off all the ambulance equipment. However, when the cops arrive to “collect” Dolores, Caleb knows sh*t is about to go down.

He starts delaying tactics with the police, which gives Dolores enough time to take control of the situation. I’m pretty sure Caleb is turned on by how she kills them and then uses their corpses to steal their car.

She also warns Caleb to get a new identity before she drives off. Which totally looks like another turn on for Caleb.

Caleb visits his mom, who is in the hospital with dementia, and tells her that he won’t be able to visit for a while. He gets set on by a couple of guys after that. They want to know all about Dolores.

Meanwhile, Dolores is finding out the tea about Caleb. And, because of what she finds, she immediately goes to rescue him from the guys shaking him down for information about her.

Which means she has to introduce herself to Caleb now.

Dolores takes Caleb to his fave diner and fills him in on Incite and how it knows every f*cked up thing about people, including the tragic reason Caleb comes to this diner once a year.

While Caleb thinks that Dolores is heading into major tin foil territory with Rohoboam, she responds by taking him to the spot where Incite predicts that he will kill himself, eventually.

Using raw data from everyone and creating mirror worlds, they can accurately predict people’s life outcomes. This determines actual outcomes because they won’t invest in duds, and Caleb is apparently a dud.

It’s then that Dolores announces her intent to “cut the cord” on this reality so that everyone can see the world for what it really is.

Caleb is totally in with her plan.

Westworld Season 3 returns with Episode 2 on Sunday, April 5, at 9/8c on HBO.

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