How did Tess die in The Last of Us game?

The Last of Us is a game changer on HBO, faithfully adapting elements that made the video game a masterpiece. And for newcomers who have never played the game, last night’s final moments involving Tess were probably a huge surprise. With the latest episode, the word adaptation continues to be a strong point for this


Rumors are mounting about a Jon Snow Spinoff announcement coming soon

Ever since news broke about a potential Jon Snow spinoff, fans have been eager to learn more. Originally, it was believed that Kit Harington, who portrayed the character in Game of Thrones, had taken the concept to HBO and was actively pursuing it. Then, author George R. R. Martin confirmed that Harington has been trying


HBO gives an update on potential new True Blood Reboot

True Blood originally premiered on HBO in 2008 and went on to run for seven seasons. Now, HBO plans to bring the vampire series back for a reboot. Viewers were obsessed with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a human with a touch of fairy, and the supernatural creatures that lived around her in Bon Temps. Most


Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain wow fans with chemistry at Venice Film Festival

The 2021 Venice Film Festival has begun, signifying the first premiere for many highly-anticipated television series and movies. Gracing the festival have been A-list actors Zendaya, Timothee Chalamet, Kristen Stewart, Oscar Isaac, and Jessica Chastain. The latter two put on a show with an elegant display of affection while being photographed by the press. Isaac


House of the Dragon: HBO officially confirms that production has begun

Speculation has been rife since it appeared that production crews were on-site in England that might be related to HBO’s House of the Dragon. Now, the network has officially confirmed the news. Sightings of Warner Bros. vans, of which HBO is a subsidiary, were spotted near Holywell, Newquay, last week. New filming sets being erected


Marvel Ghost Rider Gabriel Luna joins HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation

The Ghost Rider is about to fight zombies. Gabriel Luna, who played the MCU Ghost Rider on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, has joined Pedro Pascal in the upcoming HBO adaptation of the hit video game The Last of Us. Luna joins a growing high-profile cast bringing to life the Sony Playstation game, The Last of


Perry Mason Season 2: Will there be a second season of HBO miniseries?

Perry Mason premiered on HBO last month, with the fourth episode of the series airing on Sunday. Although the crime drama series just started on HBO, many fans are already wondering whether there will be Season 2 of the latest iteration of the legal drama or whether it will end in August after an eight-episode