Watch the Big Brother Nick interview: Extended version includes Bella talk, goodbye messages from BB21 cast

Nick And Julie Interview
Nick Maccarone sat down with Big Brother 21 host Julie Chen Moonves for an extended interview. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother extended interview for Nick has been made available. Nick Maccarone was the latest houseguest evicted by the BB21 cast and he got his chance to meet with host Julie Chen Moonves.

A lot of CBS viewers were shocked when it was Nick evicted instead of Christie Murphy on Thursday night, but she seems to have nine lives in the game.

Nick got evicted 0n a 5-0 vote by his fellow BB21 cast members, and he then sat down with Julie to go over what had gone wrong during his summer. There was a brief interview during the August 29 episode, but they continued it after the show.

Below is the full version of the Big Brother extended interview for Nick, where he talks about his frustrations with Christie inside of the house. He also discusses her showmance with Isabella Wang in his time on stage with Julie.

Nick gives his Big Brother exit interview

During his extra session with Julie, Nick spoke about loyalty and felt that his biggest strategy in the game was to be loyal to people. He specifically stated that he was most loyal to Nicole Anthony when referencing the people left in the house.

Nick spoke about how much he missed Bella and Julie asked him what he wants to see from her in the real world. He stated that he was 100 percent ready to see what happens and make it work. He also called her “literally an amazing person” and that he would always “have love for her.”

In the goodbye messages, Tommy Bracco spoke about wanting to protect Nick but had to protect “his word” instead. Jessica Milagros talked down to him and Christie said it was time for him to go.

When Nicole talked to him, she referenced how she wanted to keep him in the game, but that Holly Allen was adamant about keeping Christie around. Nicole and Cliff Hogg did the best in the messages in regard to managing jury votes.

Who will join Nick Maccarone in the BB21 jury house next? We know who won the next Power of Veto, which sheds some light on the next Eviction Ceremony. There are also questions about whether Bella is still interested in Nick or whether she is ready to move on based on what she saw on the live feeds.

Big Brother airs new episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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