Treasure Quest exclusive: Stunning payday as loads of gold coins are discovered

Treasure Quest is an all-out showstopper as Jeremy Whalen and his team are deep in a tunnel and have struck real paydirt on tonight’s heart-stopping finale.

If you ever have heard the term “pieces of eight,” be prepared to see it dug up and examined.

The current season of Treasure Quest is led by treasure-hunter Shawn Cowles, tech expert Jeremy Whalen and demolitions man Jack Peters as they search for the famous Sacambaya treasure in Bolivia.

In our clip, the team have sifted through what looks to be a dig area and have pulled out coin after coin as Jeremy explains what the term pieces of eight means and how it was used as the currency of the day.

Likely this is the tip of the iceberg as a $2billion treasure is the next goal for Whalen and the crew. The finale airs tonight on Discovery, and the series will likely pick up next season as the secret underground tunnel system for the legendary haul seems to be proving its existence.

The show takes viewers on a real-life hunt for the famous Sacambaya treasure, rumored to be tucked inside these treacherous mountain passes of Bolivia and, if completely uncovered, would be one of if not the biggest treasure find in history.

Whalen thinks the coins are older than any Jesuit artifact is also discovered which could prove to be key in locating where the legendary Sacambaya Treasure is buried.

Jeremy explains what 'pieces of eight' means to the guys as they pull coin after coin out of the dirt. Pic credit: Discovery
Jeremy explains what ‘pieces of eight’ means to the guys as they pull coin after coin out of the dirt. Pic credit: Discovery

‘You can fit $2billion in a tunnel that size’: Discovery’s Treasure Quest team in a huge breakthrough

It only takes moments before Whalen picks up something on his device. After digging into the debris using a shovel and pick-ax, they uncover an artifact buried in the dirt.

Jeremy answers the questions about the pieces of eight: “Look at this, Let me see…this was their money back then…pieces of it would buy you things. You can clearly see that these coins were here prior to the Jesuits leaving that area.”

That means that the found coins are on the money so to speak, and correct for the estimated age of the treasure. In a separate interview, he goes further. “These coins are part of the treasure and that we are moments away from finding something significant under this lake… it’s right here!”

Discovery’s official description of tonight’s no miss finale:

“The team searches the massive tunnel, but with the valley on the verge of flooding, they’re forced to put their lives at risk. Their risk pays off big, placing them on the threshold of solving the 300-year old Sacambaya mystery.”

Tune in to see what else is revealed in the exciting finale of tonight’s episode. What will it be?

Treasure Quest airs Fridays at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel and is also available to watch live or catch up on Discovery Go.

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carol anne meehan
carol anne meehan
1 year ago

when dose treasure quest start again

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