Treasure Quest exclusive: Stunning payday as loads of gold coins are discovered

Treasure Quest is an all-out showstopper as Jeremy Whalen and his team are deep in a tunnel and have struck real paydirt on tonight’s heart-stopping finale. If you ever have heard the term “pieces of eight,” be prepared to see it dug up and examined. The current season of Treasure Quest is led by treasure-hunter

Treasure Quest exclusive: Team find a coin and a promising lead

On tonight’s exciting Treasure Quest, a possible big breakthrough is reached as our exclusive clip shows one of the team members finding what looks to be a coin of some sort as his metal detector goes wild inside a dangerous rocky cave. On the episode, “Blast Away,” we find ourselves drawn inside a dark cave

Team behind Discovery’s Treasure Quest find ‘significant treasure’

The team behind Discovery series Treasure Quest find a “significant treasure” on this week’s episode. The discovery is their expedition’s biggest find to date, and comes after they get trapped in an ancient, underground tunnel. Monsters and Critics’ exclusive clip from the episode shows them using a remote-controlled camera to maneuver through the cavern system.